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Social Media Being Used to Recruit Terrorists

Social Being Media Used to Recruit Terrorists

Social media applications are still often used by terrorist networks to spread extremist ideology or doctrine to recruit new members.

“There are several media tools that they use intensively to provide guidance, for example, Telegram and Facebook,” said previously convicted terrorist, Haris Amir Falah.

From information provided by the Communication and Informatics Ministry and the National Counterterrorism Agency, there have been 17 cases of terrorism that have used Telegram as a means of communication since 2015.

One of them was used in the terror case in the MH Thamrin area, Central Jakarta in January 2016. According to Haris, previous recruitment efforts were targeted directly at young people.

Nowadays, doctrine and formation of cells can be done online and can be immediately used as a “bride“, the term for terrorists.

 “Without meeting people then he can become a bride,” he said.

Haris said that, currently, the doctrine of terrorists is still primarily aimed at millennials because they are easy targets to join and be fed the dogma of the groups.

“I was recruited when I was in high school because I was still looking for an identity then and wanted to show greatness,” he said.

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