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Family Buried in Bali Landslides, Search for Bodies Continues


The Search and Rescue (SAR) team from Denpasar, supported by police, are still searching for missing victims of landslides in Batubulan, in the district of Gianyar, Bali.

“We think the victims are buried in the landslides,” Head of the rescue team Ida Bagus Surya Wirawan said here on Saturday.

Ida Bagus said the three belonged to a family living at Jalan Pratu Made Rambug, Banjar Sasih Hamlet, Batubulan Village, sub-district of Sukawati, Gianyar.

Their house was precisely on the brink of a 10-metre deep valley with a river having strong and fast current below.

The missing victims were the household mother Lintang Ayu Widimerti (32) and her children, Made Adin Aditya Palguna (4), and Nyoman Adi Anggara Palguna (2). Another child Putu Deta (6) was found dead below the collapsed house and earth.

The father Made Oktara Dwi Palguna (30) survived the disaster with the help of local people.

The landslides occurred at 05.30am local time after heavy rain on Friday night until Saturday morning.

Source: Antara

Photo: Antara/Fikri Yusuf

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