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Controversial Video: Foreigner Seeking Police Escort Sparks Debate on Traffic Control in Bali

Viral video ignites debate as foreigner seeks police escort, raising questions about traffic control in Bali. Police investigate the incident and its viral spread.

A video showing a foreign national seeking a traffic police escort while driving a private car has gone viral on social media.

There are suspicions that the foreigner utilised the guardrail to navigate around traffic congestion. In the video, a tourist can be seen passing a police guard, and shortly thereafter, the car is escorted to the Beach Club in Bali. This recording has sparked both support and criticism on social media, prompting questions about the role of the police in traffic control.

In response to the video, Police Grand Commissioner Jansen Avitus Panjaitan, the Head of Public Relations for the Bali Police, clarified that an analysis by the Special Criminal Investigation Directorate of Bali Police revealed the video to be an old recording that had been re-uploaded. The video was purportedly filmed in November 2022 during the G20 Summit in Bali.

“The video is an old video. The video is also undergoing an editing process. The video is thought to have occurred around November 2022, or, to be precise, during the G20 — when Bali was visited by many countries,” Panjaitan stated on Wednesday, 31st January 2024.

The individuals seen in the video have undergone disciplinary measures by the Professional and Security Division of Bali Police in response to their actions. Panjaitan further explained that, following Traffic Police Headquarters Regulation No. 2 of 2018 concerning Standard Operational Procedures for Traffic Escorts, escorts can be conducted for emergencies or officials and state guests.

“This member has been investigated by the Professional and Security Division of Bali Police. We are also investigating who made the video viral and what the purpose was,” he added.

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