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Denpasar City Implements Digital Parking

digital parking
Denpasar City Implements Digital Parking. photo: Antara News

The Public Regional Parking Company Bhukti Praja Sewakadarma Denpasar city has begun deploying 17 parking attendants to support the implementation of a digital payment system in Denpasar, Bali.

According to the Head of Sub-section of Reporting and Complaints for Regional Public Company Parking Bhukti Praja Sewakadarma, Desak Made Ekaprastyawati, Digital parking trials have been carried out to 52 parking officers. So far, vests with digitised barcodes have only been distributed to 17 parking attendants.

“This is a non-cash digital parking programme that makes it easier for people who don’t usually carry small denominations with them,” she said.

The digitisation programme is being worked on to improve services, as well as to reduce the loss of income from parking receipts. This programme is also a form of collaboration with PT. Bali Regional Development Bank (BPD), with the hope that this innovation will run in tandem with the condition of the community, most of whom are already using non-cash payments.

“With this programme, the possibility of parking attendants embezzling funds and not giving tickets can be minimised from QRIS,” said Ekaprastyawati.

Meanwhile, according to one of the parking attendants named Sumadi, in one week the use of digital parking since 22nd July 2022 at Lapangan Puputan did not attract too many visitors.

If there are no problems, it’s just that no one wants to use it. There are only five in one week, one car and four motorbikes,” he told the media.

Sumadi also said he hoped that in the future,  more and more people will understand the use of digital parking payments, especially in the Lapangan Puputan area which is often crowded with visitors every weekend.

In this digital parking programme, every parking attendant who wears a red vest is provided with two pieces of paper containing a code as a scanner for motorbike payments at a rate of Rp1,000 and Rp2,000 for cars.

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