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Preparing for the 2024 MXGP of Indonesia in Sumbawa

Preparing for the 2024 MXGP of Indonesia in Sumbawa
Preparing for the 2024 MXGP of Indonesia in Sumbawa. Image Source: MXGP Official Website

The Sumbawa Regency Government in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) has started intensive preparations for the 2024 MXGP of Indonesia event in June.

The 2024 MXGP world championship will be held again in Indonesia. This year, MXGP of Indonesia will hold two series, namely MXGP Samota Sumbawa on the 30th of June, 2024, and MXGP Lombok on the 7th of July, 2024.

The MXGP in Sumbawa will not only present interesting races but also the beauty and tourism potential, as well as the unique culture of West Nusa Tenggara. The Youth, Sports, and Tourism Department of the Sumbawa Regency Government is actively preparing tourist destinations, with a focus on promoting tourist villages.

Dedy Heriwibowo, Head of the Youth, Sports, and Tourism Department, stated that, apart from technical preparations, they are organising supporting aspects for the MXGP of Indonesia event at the Samota Circuit. This is to maximise the benefits of the international event for Sumbawa Regency.

This event serves as a good opportunity to promote regional tourism, Heriwibowo told the press on Thursday, the 7th of March.

He noted that several tourist villages in Sumbawa Regency have been submitted to the Ministry of Tourism, each offering unique attractions:

  • Labuhan Jambu Village, Tarano District, renowned for whale shark tourism;
  • Maryam Island Tourism Village;
  • Teluk Saleh and Prajak Marine Tourism Villages;
  • Poto Tourism Village, Moyo Hilir District, showcasing typical Sumbawa weaving culture;
  • Batu Dulang Village in Batulanteh District, with potential in coffee and fruit production;
  • Marente Tourism Village, Alas District, featuring the attractive Agal waterfall;
  • Tepal Village, offering a coffee-village tour.

Each tourist village possesses its own uniqueness and potential, and this is what will be presented to the guests of the MXGP event,” Heriwibowo explained.

The villages have been asked to plan activities that match the District Government’s ideas for the MXGP event. They are also getting ready to spot more tourism options around their respective region.

“Due to the tight schedule, adjustments will be made later. However, for tourists without a fixed agenda, we can offer various existing tourism potentials,” Heriwibowo explained.

Another crucial element is the collaboration between all parties to develop tourism in Sumbawa. Local communities are also encouraged to get involved.

“We also encourage the youth of Pokdarwis (Tourism Awareness Group) to be more creative in packaging promotions via social media so that destinations become more attractive,” Heriwibowo concluded.

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