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Australian and Balinese Arrested for Crystal Meth

The Denpasar Police have arrested an Australian, TJM, 34, who is suspected of crystal methamphetamine drug trafficking in Bali. Along with the foreigner, two other local residents KM, 38, and FJ, 45, have also been arrested.

From the information gathered, the three people were arrested in the afternoon of Thursday 5th November on Jalan Mahendradatta, West Denpasar, Bali.

Initially, KM and FJ arrived at the scene of the crime with the aim of taking delivery of the narcotic. When they had taken the crystal methamphetamine and were about to leave, police immediately stopped the two perpetrators, having received a tip-off about the transaction.

As they were arrested, the two perpetrators tried to get rid of the evidence by throwing it away from their motorbike. However, the police saw their attempt and secured the evidence which turned out to be a packet of crystal methamphetamine weighing 0.89 grams.

Furthermore, the two perpetrators stated that they had been ordered to take the pouch by a foreigner who was not far from the location. The police escorted the two of them to the foreigner’s residence.

When the police arrived, the foreigner was shocked and was immediately arrested as a methamphetamine bong was found in the bathroom during the police raid. TJM then claimed that the substance would be consumed with the two locals who were asked to pick up the package.

The Denpasar Police Chief, Chief Commissioner of Police Jansen Avitus Panjaitan, confirmed the arrest of the foreigner and the two local residents. However, his party is still investigating the case.

“Yes, we are exploring this again because there are indications that he is part of a network of drug dealers,” said Chief Commissioner of Police Jansen.

Source: Merdeka

Image credit: Kumparan

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