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Animals Crashing Cars in Safari Park Can be Claimed on Insurance

Lion fight Taman Safari Bogor
Animals Crashing Cars in Safari Park Can be Claimed on Insurance. Image: Screenshot YouTube.

The main Director of Prigen Safari Park Indonesia II East Java, Tony Sumampau, has explained that vehicles damaged by lions or other animals hitting them at the zoo can be claimed on insurance.

The damage will be replaced as long as visitors have proof of zoo entry tickets since entry includes the Jasaraharja Putera insurance for visitors and vehicles.

However, Sumampau warned that not all vehicle damage can be claimed by insurance.  

“If the vehicle damage occurs intentionally or by the visitors themselves, insurance cannot be claimed,” he added.

A viral video showing a lion crashing into the left side of a car at Taman Safari Indonesia, East Java, was believed to be a fight over a lioness. The car owner joked that he refused to make peace with the “perpetrators” as his red Toyota Yaris’ left signal was shattered and its body was dented. 

The two lions who fought are named Demo and Frans. When the fight occurred, the two lions were showing natural behaviour, showing off their strength in front of a herd of lionesses.

“In their group, there are eight females – Gendis, Garnis, Vivi, Fina, Pikanin, Mafuta, Feneli, and Felisha – where there are females who are entering the mating period,” said the official statement from Prigen Safari Park.

There is usually more than one male lion.  However, among the herd, there will only be one dominant male lion or Alpha Male.

“When a female enters the mating period, these lions will show who is stronger among them,” added the statement.

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