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Two Russian Teens Abandoned by Parents Now Deported

Russian teens abandoned
Two Russian Teens Abandoned by Parents Now Deported. photo immigration Bali

Two Russian teens with the initials SA, 16, and RA, 14, reported themselves to the Singaraja Immigration Office after they had been abandoned in Bali by their parents. 

The siblings were then deported because they had overstayed their visas in Indonesia. They were repatriated via I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport with Emirates airline flight number EK 369 on Wednesday 14th September 2022 at 7:05pm WITA, with the final destination of Moscow, Russia.

Head of the Immigration Office Class II TPI Singaraja Nanang Mustofa said that before being repatriated, the teens surrendered themselves to the Singaraja Immigration Office, on August 30, 2022. 

After checking their travel documents, their residence permits expired 883 days ago,” he said in a written statement, on Thursday 15th September.

SA and RA entered Indonesia on 1st March 2020 with their mother, who is also a Russian citizen with the initials AS. They entered on a visa-free visit, or visa exemption, which was valid for 30 days. 

Once in Bali, they met their father who is also a Russian citizen with the initials AA. After three weeks in Bali, their mother went to Cambodia for work. 

After a while, the two children were left by their father at the residence of a Russian citizen,” Mustofa.

The father never came to visit his sons, leading them to surrender themselves to the Singaraja Immigration Office.

Mustofa’s team coordinated with the Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation for Bali, organising the assistance and preparation of the repatriation process since both foreigners are still minors.

“Both of them were subject to immigration administration action based on article 78 paragraph 3 of law number 6 of 2011 concerning immigration in the form of deportation and being included in the list of deterrence,” he said.

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