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5,000 Cases Reported on Two Consecutive Days

5,000 Cases Reported on Two Consecutive Days in Indonesia

New COVID-19 positive cases in Indonesia in two consecutive days have exceeded more than 5,000. The COVID-19 Task Force explained the factors causing the new cases to jump in two days.

Spokesperson for the COVID-19 Task Force, Prof. Wiku Adisasmito explained that the long holiday of the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) birthday two weeks ago resulted in delays in reporting the test.  The delay in reporting has left a number of cases piling up and being reported in the last two days.

5,000 Covid-19 Cases Reported on Two Consecutive Days in Indonesia

“It appears that the number of cases has decreased, as well as reports on the examination of sample cases. Apparently, there were more than 1,000 for these examinations and they finally entered the records recently. Hence, there was a significant increase in cases in the last two days,” said Wiku as quoted by

Wiku hopes that the delay in recording cases during the long holiday can be resolved immediately. Additional cases that have not been included in the Task Force data record will be recorded in the next data submission.

“Let’s continue to observe what will happen in the future. We hope that the delay in recording has been completed, if not then it will be tied to further data,” said Wiku.

However, he also asked the public to remain vigilant with activities that do not apply health protocols. By implementing the COVID-19 health protocols, the COVID-19 pandemic in the country can be controlled.

In two consecutive days, new COVID-19 cases in Indonesia exceeded more than 5,000 each day.  In fact, this figure is the highest record for new Corona cases in a day for Indonesia.

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