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Staying healthy. How to cope with COVID-19? Can I still see my doctor? Health certificates?

Steven at his clinic Good Practice.

A lot of information is available on COVID-19.  For those of us who are living in Jakarta or elsewhere in Indonesia it is important to stay as healthy as possible.

GOOD PRACTICE also sends out regular reliable information on COVID-19 to patients and potential patients.  Send us an email if you want to be included in our mailing list.


Are your vaccinations still up to date? Did you get a FLU vaccination? How are your other conditions controlled? If you are suffering from hypertension or diabetes, for instance, you have to make sure those conditions are managed well. Please make sure you have your regular check-ups and that your supply of medication is sufficient. You can even consider an immune boost, which we can also provide at GOOD PRACTICE.

Identify a clinic that you can turn to with your concerns. A clinic that can advise you about your symptoms. Now it is especially important that the communication between your good self and a trusted medical practitioner is well understood.

So what to do if you have any symptoms? Talk to a trusted medical practitioner. Also if you consider that you need COVID-19 testing, you should talk to a medical practitioner. Please note that we offer both PCR swabs and Rapid COVID-19 tests.

GOOD PRACTICE is open as usual. We provide house calls and we also provide COVID-19 testing (we can also come to your house for testing). HEALTH CERTIFICATES can also be provided by GOOD PRACTICE.


Best of all is that you now can have a consultation with any one of our medical team from whatever location. We have introduced TELECONSULTATIONS. Via an app, GP Now, you can connect with us directly.

Just send GOOD PRACTICE a simple email to [email protected] and we will send you the link.

Basically, you let us know what time you would like to consult a doctor and we will appear online at the desired time. If any medication needs to be provided, we will arrange this to be sent out to you.

GOOD PRACTICE can help you with all the above questions! We will support you to stay healthy. We will provide you with information about COVID-19. GOOD PRACTICE now also provides you with direct contact with our medical practitioners from any location in this world!

It is important that you identify a clinic that you are comfortable with. GOOD PRACTICE has patients from 67 countries. Our English-speaking team implements international guidelines. We provide highly personalised care. Try us! email to [email protected] 

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