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Senopati Therapy Centre: Everything You Need to Know about Back Pain Treatments

Senopati Therapy Centre: Everything You Need to Know about Back Pain Treatments

After a 2015 study revealed back pain as the leading cause of disability, awareness of the importance of seeking treatment grew across the globe.

Back pain can occur in the upper, mid and lower back – known as lumbago – regions. Each patient may experience different symptoms and receive different types of treatment, depending upon the cause of pain.

For those interested in receiving treatment and would like further information, turn to the experts at Senopati Therapy Centre, Dennis Laoh, BSC. Chiro, Msc. Chiro and Farrah Bachtiar, Bch, Chiro Sci, MSC.Chiro.

Where does the pain come from?

The cause of back pain varies in sufferers, as does the intensity of sensation. Experts have found that pain also comes with different classifications, including simple ‘non-specific’ back pain up to the extreme pain of spinal cancer.

In some cases, pain can radiate to areas like the legs, groin and other parts of the back. Others may experience numbness, pins and needles or a burning sensation. The most important aspect is to get the correct diagnosis, whether through physical examinations and orthopaedic tests, diagnostic imaging, MRIs or blood tests.

How can you treat back pain?

A host of treatment options are available for patients, including simple manual therapies (chiropractic and physiotherapy) and more invasive choices like corticosteroid injection and surgery. Treatments must be adjusted accordingly to the cause of the back pain.

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Can bed rest heal back pain?

While bed rest can temporarily help alleviate pain that comes with movement, prolonged bed rest can in fact worsen the condition. This is why experts suggest patients keep moving in order to maintain the hydration of the intervertebral discs, as well as to avoid ‘stiffness in the muscles and other soft tissues, such as tendons and ligaments.’

Does exercise cause back pain?

Exercise is good for back pain, especially exercises which can help strengthen the abdominal and back muscles such as core workouts. These workouts are great for supporting and stabilising the spine, which will gradually eliminate stress to the spine and reduce pain.

Do keep in mind that extensive and rigorous exercises may also cause back pain, if not done correctly.

Is heat and massage good for the back pain?

Heat and massage have proven to be effective in reducing pain for muscles tightness, yet it can also exacerate the condition if the back pain is caused by inflammatory response, such as in disc herniation. Experts say that the heat will allow the fluid ‘to accumulate more into the inflamed area’ that can extend the recovery process.

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Is chiropractic safe?

Chiropractic is known as one of the safest and most painless treatments. It works by getting the restricted discs and other joints to move, maintaining the hydration of the discs and also releasing the pain. It is perfectly safe and is one of the most favourable options for patients seeking treatments.

How long would it take for patients to heal?

The healing process depends on the cause, level of severity and choice of treatments. Pain derived from simple muscles strain or sprain may resolve itself after a few days, while those from degenerative diseases like arthritis or discs protrusion may persist for several weeks. In general, 90 percent of people with acute back pain will recover within 4-12 weeks, while around 70-80 percent of patients will face reoccurrence that will potentially lead to a chronic back pain.

But one thing that is certain is that the sooner you receive the right treatments, the sooner you will recover. The recovery time is also influenced by a number of factors like age, psychological state, nutrition and sleeping pattern. People who are older, depressed, smokers, have lack of sleep and good nutrition usually face slower recovery.

This content is brought to you by Senopati Therapy Centre, founded in 2007 where chiropractic was still unavailable and people were not exactly familiar with the treatment. Since then, Senopati Therapy Centre has sought to provide the best chiropractic therapies in Indonesia by having educated, well trained and internationally acclaimed chiropractors. Senopati Therapy Centre continues to upgrade its knowledge and methods by partnering with World Federation of Chiropractic. For more information please visit

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