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“Gema Ramadhan” with Intiwhiz International

Intiwhiz International presents a special package during the Ramadhan season. The theme is called “Gema Ramadhan”, where guests can celebrate with loved ones and enjoy an extended stay in their rooms, with special rates starting at Rp250,000 per night inclusive of sahoor or breakfast for up to two persons. In addition, guests can enjoy free Takjil, a shuttle to nearest mosque, and lots more. The rates are inclusive of in-room wifi or Internet connection, Government tax as well as service charge.

Discover the authentic experience of dining with their special Iftar meals available at all restaurants from their hotels across Indonesia. Guests can enjoy signature dishes provided by their chefs with the All You Can Eat or Buffet promotions starting from Rp198,000nett/person with the variety of menus.

Bring a minimum of ten of your friends and family to get an extra discount from this special price during the holy month starting May 17 to June 16, 2018.

To book a reservation at one of their hotels or for any further information, please visit their website or call to 021-5710088.

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