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T’ang Court, The Langham’s Legendary Cantonese Cuisine Opens at The Langham, Jakarta

T'ang Court Jakarta

T’ang Court, The Langham’s legendary restaurant eminent with its three Michelin stars outlet in Hong Kong, opened at The Langham, Jakarta on Friday 28th October 2022.

“As one of the only five Cantonese restaurants in the world to achieve three Michelin stars in Hong Kong, T’ang Court Jakarta will follow these prominent footsteps at The Langham, Jakarta. The restaurant will become a popular eatery for both locals and travellers, either in the main dining hall or in the exquisite private dining rooms, all with breathtaking views,” explained Alexander Poindl, the General Manager of The Langham, Jakarta.

opening T'ang Court Jakarta Diners are set to indulge in exquisite selections of delicacies of the ultimate Cantonese cuisine, created and served by Executive Chinese Chef, Chong Kooi Sam and his culinary team. Located on the 61st floor of The Langham, Jakarta, T’ang Court boasts breathtaking views of the Jakarta skyline with a refreshed interior that comes filled with distinguished Tang Dynasty-styled decor of ancient Chinese history and elegant oriental touches reflecting China’s Golden Age, the Tang Dynasty, in immersive ethnic crafts and arts.

T’ang Court’s culinary team has prepared the T’ang Court Peking Duck, Duck Meat Fried Rice, Vegetarian Winter Melon White Fungus Soup, Beef Ribs Black Pepper Sauce, Pan-fried Short Ribs in Honey Glazed, Steamed Spotted Grouper with Shredded Pork, Flaming Baked Mud Crab with Turnip Cake, Deep-fried Stuffed Crab Shell, Steamed Fresh Crab Claw on Egg Custard with Caviar and Crispy Rice in Lobster Bisque, and many more.

“The restaurant is accepting its prominent role in enriching the culinary scene in Jakarta, one of the most exciting and vibrant locations for food enthusiasts in Southeast Asia. We are excited to bring nothing but the best in Cantonese cuisine to our city,” added Poindl.

The Langham’s legendary Michelin-starred Cantonese Dining

T’ang Court reflects the classic timelessness of the Tang Dynasty. Their restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau have been recognised as three Michelin-starred restaurants by the coveted Michelin Guide since 2009. Amid lavish furnishings, dine in an array of Cantonese culinary masterpieces crafted with the finest ingredients.

Fresh Crab Claw on Egg Custard with Caviar at T'ang Court
Fresh Crab Claw on Egg Custard with Caviar
Reflecting China’s Golden Age, the Tang Dynasty 

The Tang Dynasty was founded by the House of Li family, the descendant of Lao Tzu who created Tao Te Ching scriptures. The Golden Age of Chinese arts, literature, and culture, and also the peak of Buddhism, brought forward the practice of Taoism as most people started to comprehend the idea of karmic law.

T’ang Court emerges with lavish furnishings, offering an original and aesthetic scenery like no other. Heavily inspired by the Golden Age of Chinese arts, literature, and culture, diners will find themselves drowned in the richness of culture galore. It is thoughtfully presented in visual exhibitions of history and philosophy in multiple masterpiece installations such as paintings, calligraphies, and vases throughout the restaurant.

The entire interior is profoundly influenced by adornments from Tang Dynasty with a touch of Sancai influence on horse pottery and mural, three-coloured ceramic, and the extra blue pigment from cobalt. Most pots in the main hall are Bao Xiang Hua, also known as a mythological flower that serves as the most propitious motif.

With 160 seating capacity open for lunch and dinner, T’ang Court also has six well-appointed private dining rooms to accommodate family gatherings, business engagements, and even a romantic date. All private rooms are specifically following the concept of flowing and meaningful depictions of Chinese florals, each containing a deep and beautiful portrayal of wisdom and prudence in life. The artworks in the private dining room represent the best parts of the most auspicious flowers:

  • Private Dining Room 1: Peony, to represent prosperity and spring, accommodating 24 people
  • Private Dining Room 2: Lotus, to represent harmony and summer, accommodating 10 people
  • Private Dining Room 3: Chrysanthemum, to represent peace and autumn, accommodating eight people
  • Private Dining Room 4: Plum Blossom, to represent longevity and winter, accommodating 10 people
  • Private Dining Room 5: Chinese Lily, to symbolise a blissful life, accommodating eight people
  • Private Dining Room 6: Daffodil, to symbolise fortune, accommodating eight people

The private dining room corridor is called “The All Seasons of Peace and Fortune” hallway (Si Ji Ping An Menting). The plates are specially designed to celebrate the work of Li Bai, one of the famous poets from Tang.

Guests who wish to be among the first to experience T’ang Court at The Langham, Jakarta may call +62 21 2708 7888 or book directly through and visit to discover more offers.

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