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MaRLo Altitude: Stronger Together Soars into Jakarta for a Spectacular Trance Music Event

MaRLo Altitude
MaRLo Altitude: Stronger Together Soars into Jakarta for a Spectacular Trance Music Event

Prepare for an extraordinary night of trance music as the highly acclaimed artist MaRLo brings his Altitude: Stronger Together tour to Jakarta on 9th September 2023.

The Beach City International Stadium, Jakarta will be transformed into a pulsating epicentre of electronic music, promising an unforgettable experience for fans seeking an elevated journey through the sounds of MaRLo.

Marlo Hoogstraten, or as known as MaRLo, is a Dutch-born Australian trance DJ who has captivated audiences around the globe with his distinctive style and infectious beats. Known for his exceptional performances at renowned festivals and clubs, MaRLo’s DJ sets are truly unique and can only be characterised as the distinct “MaRLo sound.” He received recognition in 2010 when he was ranked as the second-best Trance DJ in Australia and overall ranked eleventh in the Inthemix Top 50 DJ poll. In addition, he also secured the 49th spot in the DJ Mag 2016 poll.

In recent years, introduced his own concert-style events called “Altitude,” which have experienced success in all cities where they have been held. These Altitude events attract approximately 15,000 attendees annually. This time, it’s Jakarta’s turn to experience MaRLo’s cutting-edge production, mind-blowing visuals, and unparalleled audio experience.

Joining MaRLo on the enchanting night are two exceptional artists. Linney, a gifted singer known for her mesmerising vocals and emotive performances, will grace the stage with her captivating presence. Mila Josef, another rising star in the trance music world, will bring her unique sound and electrifying energy to elevate the night’s experience further.

In addition to the breathtaking music, MaRLo Altitude: Stronger Together offers fans the opportunity to participate in the MaRLo Altitude Competition. Winners will have a chance to engage with MaRLo himself, with prizes including a coveted session on stage with the artist, an exclusive meet and greet opportunity, and personally signed merchandise. These special moments will make the concert even more extraordinary for the fortunate winners.

Tickets for MaRLo Altitude: Stronger Together are now available for purchase at To stay up to date with the latest news, announcements, and exclusive content, follow @hypemusicasia on social media. Get ready to join the community of devoted fans eagerly anticipating this extraordinary event.

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