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Sending Money Back Home During COVID-19 Outbreak

Sending Money Back Home During Covid-19 Outbreak

According to the special report by the World Bank, stay-at-home policies and shutdown of banks and other money transfer establishments make it harder for immigrants to send money abroad to their home countries.

Indeed, now that people are expected to stay inside, this will affect the employment of migrants, thus plummeting remittance rates greatly. Consequently, those who rely on monthly income from the migrants are also faced with hardships.

The World Bank Group President David Malpass noted that remittance helps families to afford food, basic needs, and healthcare. Foreign workers, international students, expatriates, these are just several groups that are in great need of remittance channels. Thus, it is important to keep access to these remittance providers open during the pandemic.

Transfez as a Solution for Remittance during COVID-19

Fortunately, for all Indonesians, Transfez comes as the best way to send money overseas for those who want to transfer money back home and vice versa. Leading Indonesia’s remittance business, swiftly transfers your money through their iOS and Android-ready application, all without leaving the cocoon of your home; away from the crowd, away from the risk of being infected.

Unlike other remittance providers which are either costly or inefficient, here are some benefits that you can enjoy while using Transfez:

Worldwide Reach

Covering up to 5 continents and 47 countries all around the world, Transfez wishes to support expatriates by providing a worldwide transfer service that is transparent, low in cost, and with minimum time required.

Based on the record by the World Education News + Reviews in 2019,  the leading countries for Indonesian degree-seeking students are Australia, the US, UK, and Japan.

Luckily, Transfez’s reach already covers up to Asia-Pacific, America, Africa, and Europe, with leading capitals such as Australia, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and many more to come. This makes Transfez the best way to send money overseas for Indonesian parents who want to financially support their children abroad.

Low Transaction Fee

With Transfez, no need to spend bucks for transaction fees. Transfez only charge per transaction starting from Rp45.000, for Indonesia expat, you can get FREE FEE using our code “INDOEXPAT”. Transfez holding the best rate transfer money overseas, they have successfully helped people to transfer over Rp25 billion all around the globe. Additionally, since Transfez’s service is fully-online, you won’t need to worry about getting out during the large-scale social restriction (PSBB) period. Easily transfer your money anytime, anywhere.

Speed-Light Receive

Compared to local banks that need around one until four days to process your fund, Transfez is the fastest way to send your money abroad; taking only several minutes until one day tops.

All within Your Phone

Sending money overseas made easy, Transfez is an innovation to the remittance business in Indonesia. Simply turn on your phone, input the amount of money, and have it sent to the receiver, all within the comfort of your house.

A Helpful Team to Guide You

Your first time using an online remittance application? Worry not, Transfez will accommodate your needs with the help of a reliable team that will guide you throughout every step.


“Trust is a good business practice”, said the famous author Jim Blasingame once. Transfez proudly holds the license from Bank Indonesia and AUSTRAC, ensuring the safety and credentials of its clients and the money sent through their service.

Download Transfez application on your phone and share it with everyone who might in dire need of it. To make it better, don’t forget to share your referral code to get a chance for a free transaction transfer during your first try!

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