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Ride-Hailing still not Exempt from Jakarta’s Odd-Even Plate Policy

The head of Jakarta’s Transportation Agency, Syafrin Liputo, has said that authorities are not able to exempt taxis ordered online or through phones from the odd-even plate number policy.

The city’s administration has referred the matter to the National Police’s traffic unit.

“We hope the police institution can provide the tags because it is their domain. The authority on registration and identification of motorised vehicles is the police’s, according to the law,” Syafrin elbaroated.

Ride-haliing based transportation methods currently use black license plates, despite being recognised as form of public transportation. The administration is currently taking measures to find an optimal solution to set them free from the policy.

Jakarta has officially extended the odd-even plate number policy from nine to 25 areas, with a trial run from 12th August to 8th September.

Source: Antara
Image: Berita Satu

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