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Ministry of Transportation: Middle Eastern Flight Routes Redirected

Indonesia Airlines to fly through the Middle East have been redirected

Indonesian airlines have been warned by the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) to steer clear of routes flying through the Middle East, following the escalation of tensions after Iran deployed rockets against a US military base.

The Ministry’s Director General of Air Transportation, Polana B. Pramesti, said to keep on a look out on the condition of airspace in Iraq, Iran, the Persian Gulf, and the Oman Gulf.

“Regarding the escalating conflict within the region, all airlines are cautioned to raise their carefulness and caution,” she said. “Therefore, flights on course to fly through the region have been redirected to avoid the conflict zone, including flights to and from Saudi Arabia.”

Polana has published Director General of Air Transportation Letter No. AU.008/1/2/DRJU.DAU/2020 on 8th January 2020, on Warnings of Overflying, reminding Air Transport Business Entities (BUAU) to be careful and increase caution if traversing, or planning to traverse, across Middle Eastern airspace, such as over Iraq and Iran, as well as the Persian and Oman Gulfs.

The government has ensured that regulators will constantly monitor and survey all national airlines that provide international flights to maintain the safety, security, and the best quality of service for all passengers.

Source: Tempo
Image: Media HQ

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