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Mass Protest in Aeon Mall Cakung


On Tuesday 25th February, a mass protest has taken place at Aeon Mall Cakung, leading to disruptions in the area. About 24 people have been detained by police. The purpose of the protest was regarding the flooding in the area, they believe the flooding has been caused by the new elite residence building known as Jakarta Garden City in the area.

“There were eight people that disrupted the place, and 16 others were placed as suspects and now they are being secured,” said Head of Public Relations, Chief Commissioner of Metro Jaya Regional Police, Yusri Yunus.

After the rally, there were some people who disrupted the place, including security posts and shopping spaces. Corporate Communication Department Head PT Modernland Realty Tbk, Gunawan Setyo Hadi claimed that JGC was built with in full compliance with requirements and permits. He stated that the permits would disprove the assumption of local citizens that JGC residence was the cause the flooding.

Police are still investigating the mass protest and are taking care of the suspects. Gunawan Setyo stated that it was also their responsibility regarding the impact that JGC has on the environment. “There were a few things from the police department and government that obliged us to follow, hence a master plan was developed,” Hadi said.


Source: CNN

Image: Tribun News

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