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Pertamina Plans to Remove Premium and Pertalite from Sale

Pertamina Plans to Remove Premium and Pertalite from Sale

President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) Nicke Widyawati has commented on the plan to remove Premium and Pertalite petrol in 2022. 

Widyawati revealed that the plan would be carried out in stages with a number of considerations. Moreover, the plan is in accordance with the provisions of the Environment and Forestry Minister regulation number P20/Menlhk/Setjen/Kum1/3/2017 concerning exhaust emission-quality standards.

“The provision from the Environment and Forestry Minister in 2017 is to reduce carbon emissions. It is recommended that the minimum amount of fuel sold is RON 91,” she said on Tuesday 28th December.

Premium is a Pertamina fuel product with 89 octanes while Pertalite is 90 octane. The company received a mandate from President Joko Widodo to carry out this provision by considering the aspect of affordability for the community and the availability of supplies.

In light of this request, since 2020, the company has carried out the Blue Sky Program which encourages people to switch from Premium to Pertalite which has a higher octane. In this program, Pertamina sells Pertalite instead of Premium in a number of areas.

“People’s awareness to use fuel that is more environmentally friendly is increasing. From June 2020 until today, we have succeeded in reducing carbon emissions by 12 million tons of CO2 equivalent,” he said.

In the next stage, continued Widyawati, the company will not immediately remove Pertalite but will continue to educate public awareness to use environmentally friendly and better fuel for engines.

Pertalite is still on the market but we encourage the public to use a better one –  Pertamax – so that we can contribute to reducing carbon emissions,” he said.

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