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KPK Tracing Assets of Former Minister Imam Nahrawi

Imam Nahrawi

The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is currently in the process of tracing assets belonging to former Youth and Sports Minister, Imam Nahrawi.

The anti-graft organisation has recently named Imam suspect in a bribery case.

“After the investigation process have been conducted, the asset tracing team will track down the assets,” KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah said.

The asset tracing will be used to track funds and properties allegedly obtained through corruption. The process is conducted to maximise financial return for the nation. However, Febri maintained that the KPK is still unable to explain the results of the asset tracing process.

Imam’s personal assistant, Miftahul Ulum, was also named as a suspect in a bribery case related to the Youth and Sports Ministry. According to the KPK’s Deputy Chief, Alexander Marwata, the KPK estimates that Ulum received Rp14.7billion between 2014-2018.

Meanwhile, Imam allegedly received Rp11.8billion during the period covering 2016 to 2018. The KPK estimates that the total amount of funds received by Imam is Rp26.5billion.

Alex stated that part of the money was received by Imam in relation to the disbursement of grant funds from the National Sports Committee in the 2018 fiscal year. In addition, he also received funds for his role as Chief of Steering Committee of the Indonesia Emas Program Task Force, as well as other positions in the Ministry.

“It is suspected that the money may have been used for private needs and other interests,” Alex said. However, Imam Nahrawi has strongly denied all the corruption allegations. He maintains that he will show up in court and deal with the legal procedure.

Source: Tempo
Image: BBC

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