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KLHK to Investigate Syndicate of Sumatran Tigers’ Organ Trade

Sumatran Tiger

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) is increasing their efforts in the fight against the illegal trade of Sumatran tigers’ organs by collaborating with Regional Police in Riau.

“For improvement, we will handle this with Indonesian Police,” Section Head of Law Enforcement agency of KLHK for Regional II Sumatra, Alfian Hardiman said, on Wednesday 11th December.

In cases of hunting as well as beating Sumatran tigers, the agency has caught three suspects. They are identified with the initials MY, TS, and SS. However, two others have been released because it is proven that they were not involve in hunting or trading the Sumatran tigers.

Alfian said that the three suspects have been arrested and are being in the headquarters of Riau Regional Police. Further, a report said that the organs were sold to someone in West Sumatra.

Among the sold organs were the bones, which are valued at Rp18million. The tigers’ skin was not sold because it has been deformed due to rope bondage.

Alfian said that the network of trade in Sumatran tigers is very big. The three suspects are only hunters; there are many others who have bigger roles in the syndicate.

In response to this, KLHK and Regional Police of Riau will further investigate the syndicate because they have endangered the existence of Sumatran tigers.

Previously, on Monday 9th December, the agency along with Regional Police caught the suspects and confiscated organs, skin, and four fetuses being kept in jars. The suspect known as MY, Alfian said, apparently had killed tigers twice. The first incident was in May 2019, and finally in October. The two animals were ensnared in the Pelalawan district. The tigers were killed by using electricity.

Source: Antaranews

Image: iNews

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