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Rubber Tapper Mauled by Tiger in North Sumatra

A tiger in North Sumatera

A rubber tapper in a plantation area of Padang Lawas Regency, North Sumatra, has reportedly been mauled by a tiger.

Abusali Hasibuan, a 61-year-old, had previously been reported missing by his family. His body was later found, in a deplorable state, by the local villagers and the police, with a missing right arm. His head was found 50 metres away from the body.

Abusali’s brother, Sapran Hasibuan, said that his brother would usually be home before sunset, but yesterday he had not returned by the time that it was dark. Sapran assumed that his brother had been attacked by a tiger which had been haunting the people of Siraisan village for a month. Head of the village, Sangkot Hasibuan, also confirmed that the tiger had been feeding on the village’s livestock.

Police chief Adj. Commissioner Sudirman stated that the police are still working to locate the tiger. He also hopes that there will be no more victims. Abusali’s body has been sent to the nearby Sibuhuan Hospital for an autopsy.

Source: Detik
Image: The Strait Times

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