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French Citizen Used Fake Data to Get ITAS in Semarang

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French Citizen Used Fake Data to Get ITAS in Semarang

The Immigration Office Class I TPI Semarang has taken action against a French citizen suspected for falsifying data to obtain a limited stay permit (ITAS).

Through a press conference held at the Punakawan Hall on Thursday 9th June 2022, the Head of the Semarang Immigration Office Guntur Sahat Hamonangan revealed that his team had succeeded in prosecuting the foreigner, initials JED, for violating article 123 letter of law number 6 of 2011 concerning immigration.

“The suspect faces a maximum of five years in prison and a maximum fine of Rp500 million. The investigation case file has been declared complete, or P21, by the Semarang City District Attorney. The suspect will immediately be brought to trial to account for his actions,” said Hamonangan.

Supporting this statement, the Head of the Immigration Intelligence and Enforcement Section, Alvian Bayu, said that the prosecution of JED began with the officer’s suspicion when he submitted documents to extend his residence permit. 

It was noticed that the signatures of his wife, who was JED’s sponsor, were out of sync. Immigration found evidence related to the recognition of documents that were authentically different.

“When applying for his residence permit, JED was not accompanied by his wife. This is what added to the suspicion of officers. Therefore, the immigration officer conducted a search by visiting the wife’s residence. It turns out that their marital status is no longer valid, as evidenced by a divorce certificate,” added Hamonangan.

JED is also suspected of imitating or forging the signature of his ex-wife, which violates article 263 of the criminal code on document falsification.

Along with this investigation, between January – May 2022, the Semarang Immigration Office deported four foreigners for committing immigration violations. Two of them were from South Korea, while the other two were from Vietnam and Timor Leste.

“The four foreigners who were deported were proven to have violated article 75 paragraph 1 of the immigration law. Three people were holders of a Limited Stay Permit and one was a holder of a Visit Stay Permit,” he said.

SOURCE: Directorate General of Immigration

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