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Emergency PPKM: Procedures to Enter Indonesia

procedures enter Indonesia
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The COVID-19 Handling Task Force has updated the rules for Indonesian citizens and foreign nationals entering Indonesia from abroad, effective from 6th July 2021.

The latest rules are contained in the circular letter task force addendum number 8 of 2021 concerning international travel health protocols.

“The purpose of this circular is to implement stricter health protocols for international travellers. With the aim of monitoring, controlling, and evaluating in order to prevent an increase in COVID-19 transmission, including the new variants that mutate into alpha, beta, delta and gamma variants, as well as the potential for the development of other new variants of the virus,” said the head of the COVID-19 Task Force, Ganip Warsito.

Foreigners allowed to enter Indonesia in accordance with the criteria listed on the Handling Task Force circular letter No.8 of 2021, which includes a prohibition of entering Indonesia, either directly or transiting to a foreign country, will still be enforced for international travellers who are foreign nationals, except those who meet the following criteria:

  1. In accordance with the provisions in regulations of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights no.26 of 2020, concerning visas and stay permits in the new habit adaptation period;
  2. In accordance with the Travel Corridor Arrangement or TCA bilateral agreement scheme;
  3. Obtain special consideration or permission in writing from a ministry or institution.

Once identified as one of those criteria, foreigners must keep in the mind the following:

  1. Foreigners are required to show a card or certification that they have received a full dose of COVID-19 vaccine either in physical or digital form.
  2. Foreigners who are already in Indonesia and will travel domestically or internationally are required to vaccinate against COVID-19 under the mutual cooperation program scheme.
  3. The obligation to show a COVID-19 vaccine card or certificate is excluded for:
  4. Foreigners holding diplomatic visas and service visas for the purposes of official visits at ministerial level and above.
  5. Foreigners within the Travel Corridor Arrangement (TCA) scheme, according to the principle of reciprocity while still implementing strict health protocols.

Meanwhile, foreigners who have been vaccinated and are planning to enter Indonesia must comply with the procedure below:

  1. Comply with the health protocol provisions such as wearing a mask, washing hands with soap and running water, keeping a safe distance, staying away from crowds, and limiting mobilisation and interaction.
  2. Valid travel documents.

– RT-PCR negative result for a maximum of 72 hours before departure.

– Fill out the Indonesian international e-HAC.

– Certificate of completed COVID-19 vaccine dose.

  1. First RT-PCR retest

– If positive, then proceed to follow-up treatment.

  1. Quarantine for eight days at the list of accommodation certified by the Health Ministry, upon independent choosing with costs covered by the traveller.
  2. Second RT-PCR

– If positive, then further treatment will be done.

  1. Encouraged to undertake self-isolation at their respective residence up until a total of 14 after arrival in Indonesia.
  2. Continuing the journey in Indonesia.

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