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Blue Bird: Tesla Electric Vehicle Fleet Too Costly

Blue Bird

Taxi company Blue Bird Group is still deciding whether or not to import additional Tesla units in 2020.

Noni Purnomo, the company’s President Director, has said that the company’s Tesla electric vehicle fleet is too costly.

“One Tesla unit is priced at Rp2.5billion. We are not looking for cheap vehicles, but we must adjust. We are still in search for alternative brands,” Noni added.

The company has previously imported 30 electric vehicles to fill its electric car fleet. Among the imported cars were the Tesla Model X 75D and China’s BYD 96. The Tesla car is currently used in Blue Bird’s premium taxi service – the company’s premium subsidiary brand Silver Bird.

According to Noni, Tesla car passengers could be charged three times as much as the normal tariff, but Blue Bird has decided to charge them the normal cost. The company is currently still subsidising its electric car fleet, which is mainly used for operational costs and the construction of charging stations. If an economic alternative is found in 2020, the company will import a further 200 electric vehicles.

Source: Tempo
Image: Kompas

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