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Jakarta Demonstrations Continue into Wednesday

The demonstration gathered near DPR

The demonstration rejecting the revision of several laws in Indonesia occurred again behind the House of Representatives (DPR) building at 3pm, Wednesday.

This time, high school students wearing public school uniforms of white and grey, as well as some in the national scout uniform, joined in.

The crowd gathered near Palmerah Station, Jakarta, and overflowed onto the tracks, where they started throwing stones at the police. The police who came under attack immediately formed a blockade with Brimob troops, who were armed with shields, near the Palmerah police station. The station had been set alight by some protestors overnight. Police also began to fire tear gas towards the assembled demonstrators.

Access to Permata Hijau isn’t possible, meanwhile roads surrounding Gelora Bung Karno have been blocked by the police.

Head of Public Relations at the Pertamina Central Hospital (RSPP) Agus W Susetyo said that of the 90 injured students handled by RSPP, none had been hit by rubber bullets.

“We can’t determine that there must be bullets, our doctors don’t dare to say too if there aren’t bullets,” he explained later.

Previously, a Pertamina University student, Naufal Nabil Siregar, claimed to have been hit by a gunshot that had injured his right lip and cheek. However, he cannot be sure of the type of bullet that is alleged to have hit his body.

“I am just in control today because yesterday I was affected by yesterday’s riot. Yesterday there was a shot from the side, sliding and hitting my lips. I don’t know whether the shot was from the authorities or not, so it hit me, I immediately got dizzy, had short breaths, and my eyes were also sore,” said Naufal.

Here is a chronology of the mass demonstration since Tuesday:
Tuesday 24th September 2019
8:00am – Students from a number of universities gather in front of the House of Representatives building in Senayan, Jakarta, to voice their opinions on the revision of several Indonesian laws.
2:00pm – Students begin to enter the toll road section of Jalan Gatot Subroto.
4:00pm – Students start forcing their way into the building to be meet by the Chairman of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Bambang Soesatyo.
4:05pm – Students begin to damage the fence of the building in an attempt to forcefully enter and meet with Bambang Soesatyo. Some protestors threw plastic bottles and stones at police standing guard.
Police begin firing tear gas to force the demonstrators to retreat and disperse. However, the demonstration ends in chaos. Demonstrators begin to damage a number of public facilities such as the House of Representative building’s fence, rubbish trucks, and police water cannon.
6:35pm – These students flee to a number of points such as Palmerah Station, Slipi Traffic Light, Semanggi and Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).
JCC’s entrance gate is filled with dozens of students intending to enter because the Jakarta Police Chief, Senior Commissioner Gatot Eddy Pramono, and Dirlantas Kombes Yusuf, are inside. Police put up a shield and alerted their armoured support vehicles. Instructions to retreat to police and demonstrators are given.
8:36pm – The riots continue. At the Semanggi Interchange and in front of Plaza Semanggi, police barricades, assisted by the Indonesian National Armed Forces, begin to be stoned by the masses. Police begin to fire tear gas.
11:00pm – At least 5 public facilities are vandalised.
Wednesday 25th September 2019
2:00am – Riots around Palmerah and Senayan ongoing.
6:00am – Caml descends at Palmerah and Senayan, especially in front of the House of Representatives building.
3:00pm – Mass demonstrators begin second day of riots and protests.

Image: Merdeka

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