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Tips to Motivate Your Child to Learn Math

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Math is a challenging subject – we’ve all struggled as kids, and some of us still do!

So, when a child whines and cries about his math homework, know that it’s okay. Your child isn’t dumb, incapable, or a shame. He just needs a little help to move forward. 

Of course, the easiest way to overcome academic problems is to enroll your kid in an individual tutoring center. Some modern tutoring service providers, like Ezy Maths Tutoring Perth, also offer online classes to make things convenient.

But external help isn’t the only thing a child needs. As a parent, if you motivate your child, too, chances are that he’ll excel more. So, without further ado, let’s explore the best tips to motivate your child to learn math!

Appreciate Their Effort

Efforts are more valuable than talent or being naturally good at something. If you appreciate your child for making an effort to improve, he will learn to strive for betterment in every step of life.

So, instead of scolding them for not getting the right answer, share words of encouragement and appreciation for their efforts. Use phrases like you can do it, keep going, good work – try to do better next time.

Make the Subject Relatable

Children find it hard to understand how algebra and percentages can be useful in real life. And it makes sense because life is all about games, study, and basic chores for them.

They haven’t experienced the adult side of the world where these mathematical concepts are of great use. So, try to make the subject relatable to motivate your kids. 

Include them when you’re calculating discounts, budgeting, or even dividing pizza. This will show them how beneficial the subject is and will encourage them to perform better.

Show that You’re on Their Side

Research reveals that children are more focused and engaged in the task when they work in groups. They are more likely to take an interest and complete it in teamwork than working solo. So, when your kid gets stuck in Mathematics, sit down, and help him solve it.

This also serves as a quality bonding time between you and your child. Even if the problem isn’t solved, both of you can learn something new!

Provide Everything of Need

Nothing distracts a kid more than breaks to find stationery supplies.

He’ll be concentrating on solving problems in one minute and then be distracted by the absence of an eraser. The next thing you know is that he’s running cars on the track when he should have been finding the eraser. 

So, before your kids sit down to learn Math, make sure he has everything available. If possible, separate the study room from the bedroom and keep all the supplies there. This will help improve focus.

Add Some Fun

Math is not just limited to pen and paper. There are a lot of fun ways to help your child learn basic concepts and practice them. These include puzzles, crosswords, cards, and online games. 

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