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How STEAM Education Can Help Your Child Become the Next Bill Gates

In the 21st century, success is no longer about what to think. To stand out and win in the highly competitive world, your children have to learn how to think. This, however, is not what they will learn under ordinary, conventional education systems.

Unlike any other, STEAM Education is designed to prepare your children to learn how to think. STEAM reinforces four critical components called 4Cs: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration. These vital skills enable children to solve problems and encourage them to become future innovators.

What Is STEAM?

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. It is a way of encouraging and assisting students to integrate and apply knowledge across multiple disciplines, facilitating them to think in a more connected and holistic way.

Why Is Learning STEAM Important?

A STEAM-focused education integrates these aspects with hands-on and minds-on lessons that are highly effective in engaging students. A STEAM-based curriculum provides children the opportunities to explore STEAM-related concepts and see how they apply to everyday life.

According to the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, STEAM is one of the fastest growing fields in America. By 2020, the number of STEAM jobs are expected to have grown by 26 percent. This is second only to the healthcare field.

How Do Schools Teach STEAM?

Ahlam A. Khaku, the Science Coordinator at Sampoerna Academy provides several examples of how STEAM subjects can be integrated successfully into the classroom. Digital tools are used commonly in today’s education. “Education is about thinking beyond textbooks and the classrooms. With a SMART board, tablet or computer, children can create animations to explain how rain, eruptions or other natural occurrences happen,” she explained.

The art aspect in STEAM makes learning far more accessible and engaging. She added that painting, music, storytelling, or other artistic activities are effective learning tools.

When Should STEAM Education Start?

We need to inculcate STEAM Education as a way to build a solid foundation. Experts agree that, the earlier a child learns about STEAM, the more likely they are to develop a passion for it and pursue a career in the prospering STEAM fields. Even if they end up pursuing non-STEAM careers, it may still help them in terms of being an excellent problem solver and communicator, since application – based techniques can open the doors to success.

Choosing a STEAM-Focused School.

There are three important things that make a successful STEAM school:

  1. Curriculum: Is it up-to-date and relevant on all educational levels?
  2. Teachers: How capable are they of teaching STEAM?
  3. Students and graduates:  How competent are they in STEAM-related fields? A high quality STEAM-focused school would be able to demonstrate all of the above.


Based on the curriculum it offers, Sampoerna Academy qualifies as a provider of a high quality STEAM education. The STEAM curriculum was co-developed with leading international institutions and their teachers are certified in its delivery. As a solid proof of STEAM education efficacy, many Sampoerna Academy graduates have been admitted to top universities in the US, UK and Indonesia in STEAM-related majors.

Currently, Sampoerna Academy is among the fastest growing schools in Indonesia with campuses in Jakarta, Sentul, BSD, and Medan. With STEAM-focused education and a philosophy that guides students to become lifelong learners, Sampoerna Academy ensures that graduates are futureproof, excel and succeed in their higher education and life outside school.

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