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Enhancing School’s Community Wellbeing in the New Normal

Sampoerna Academy
Sampoerna Academy

Sampoerna Academy provides high-quality education that implements international approaches while still upholding Indonesian values. It is the fastest-growing international school in Indonesia.

Sampoerna Academy brings a hands-on, minds-on learning experience that paves the way for your children to compete on the global stage. Grades offered in the school are for Early Learning up to Secondary.

Sampoerna Academy tailored its international curriculum by incorporating IEYC for Early Learning and Cambridge Pathway, Singapore Math, and HSK Standard Course for Primary and Secondary. As the pioneer of STEAM in Indonesia, Sampoerna Academy integrates the STEAM perspectives: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics, along with the incorporation of Project-Based Learning. With STEAM as part of the curriculum, Sampoerna Academy students will be able to develop the 5C skills (Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Character Development) that will train them to be work-ready and world-ready as they apply these skills beyond the classroom.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Indonesia has issued a number of policies to ensure the health and safety of every student, teaching staff, and the school community. One of them is online learning that must be implemented by schools all across the archipelago to reduce the risk of virus transmission due to face-to-face meetings.

Meanwhile, at Sampoerna Academy campuses, measures are being taken to ensure the safety of employees and students in time for the reopening of the school.

Sampoerna Schools System (Sampoerna Academy and Sampoerna University) has partnered with SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company, to provide enhanced control of its current hygiene and disinfection protocols, fit for COVID-19 purposes.

Today, it is more important than ever to ensure hygiene and disinfection protocols at on-campus properties to be taken to the next level, with increased cleaning frequencies, enhanced training, and specialisation of cleaning staff, as well as ensuring the use of appropriate products. Sampoerna Schools System puts the safety and wellbeing of their students and everyone in their community as the most important priority during these challenging times. This is why both Sampoerna Academy and Sampoerna University collaborate with SGS to help each of their campus properties effectively manage their Health and Safety concerns so that each of their employees, teachers or lecturers, and students can enjoy a healthy and safe campus environment and fun learning activities on campus.

SGS provides a range of disinfection monitoring solutions to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and keep students, employees, and everyone in the community safe. SGS health and safety experts trained in infection prevention and control procedures will validate and inspect post-cleaning procedures with walk-through inspections and supplementary environmental surface sampling to assess the effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection programs and the extent and persistence of COVID-19 on surfaces.

In addition to that, SGS will use specific signage to identify disinfected areas, and also SGS Hygiene Monitored Mark to display conformity with international guidelines and standards (WHO, CDC, ECDC, ISO45001), the Indonesian Ministry of Health as well as local regulations.

Another thing that is important and critical during this time is to maintain social distance on campus. Sampoerna Academy provides social distancing and contact tracing Ultra-wideband (UWB) devices to their students, lecturers, and employees to be worn during their time on campus. The UWB device comes in a form of a lanyard that provides a Real-time Distance Alert that sends warning signals, such as buzzer sound, vibration, and LED light when the user breaks the 1,5m distance.

The UWB Device also provides Contact Tracing Function that records user’s contact information. The information will be collected by the gateway, which placed at the campus entrance or exit. The collected information is accessible on a dashboard to see who was in close contact. With Data Privacy Compliance, collected data is stored in the customer’s server and the provider will not have access to the database.

Sampoerna Academy is also partnering with Halodoc to help give useful current and relevant information about not only health topics in general but also to educate on the complex topics found in the medical field in an easy-to-understand format through webinars. The sessions will be held every last Friday of the month starting from February 2021.

The webinar sessions get more interesting with the involvement of giveaways for the participants. Halodoc is giving away Halofit Immune Booster packages to 50 participants throughout the webinar sessions. And especially for Sampoerna Academy students and parents, Halodoc will give free consultation sessions with General Practitioner through the Halodoc app.

Finally, with the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines at Sampoerna Academy Sentul and BSD, our teachers and staff have received the proper protection against the virus.

With this, we all remain hopeful that we will be able to turn to in-person learning sooner rather than later and finally meet familiar faces we’ve missed in the past year.

At Sampoerna Academy, the safety and wellbeing of the students and teachers, as well as their community, have always been our most important priority. The world has been fundamentally changed by COVID-19 so we must strive to provide the best protection to those who study and work in our facilities.

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