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Ichthus School

Ichthus School

So, whoever comes will have a transformed life.

Located at Cilandak Barat and Sunrise Garden, Ichthus School is known for its strong academic and value-based education, with an emphasis on the Christian faith and character building.

The school embraces creativity and multiple intelligences, collaborative and cooperative learning, entrepreneurial skills, sports and fitness, performing and visual arts, as well as community services.

Ichthus School

The comprehensive and integrated Ichthus curriculum meets the rigorous requirements of multiple international standards, including ACSI and WASC accreditation. Our secondary curriculum is designed around the Cambridge IGCSE in grades 9 and 10, and the international A-Levels in grades 11 and 12.


Ichthus School is committed to providing a transformative learning environment that focuses on educational excellence and character development. The Comprehensive Ichthus Curriculum motivates Ichthus students to be achievers in their academic subjects as well as in their creative endeavours that reflect God’s love and biblical values.

Our teachers are highly experienced and dedicated to their fields of expertise. They have a deep sense of responsibility, thereby teaching the Ichthus students with love and respect.


Ichthus Secondary School, grades 7-10, integrates the Cambridge Secondary One and IGCSE curriculums with preparation for the Indonesian National Exam at the end of grade 9. The Cambridge curriculum culminates with two assessments which we use to benchmark our students against an international standard. These are the checkpoints in grade 8 and the IGCSE final exam in grade 10.

The Comprehensive Ichthus curriculum aim is the holistic growth of the student; hence importance is given not only to academic excellence but also to spiritual and social development. In preparation for tertiary education, students are taught knowledge and understanding not just to write exams, but how to take this knowledge to apply it creatively.


The school provides high-quality facilities including IT labs, science labs, a library, and LCD overhead projectors to carry out the required academic activities in preparation for the Cambridge and national examinations. As we also place great emphasis on developing the creative and artistic minds of our students, the school is also equipped with a multi-purpose hall and an auditorium for musical and drama performances. To round it off, we also provide individual college and career counselling. It is integral for us to help our students realise their God-given talents.


Our teachers have the required qualifications and classroom experience. Ichthus School regularly provides in-house professional development sessions with both local and international trainers to ensure that our entire teaching team keeps abreast of current developments in the realm of international teaching methodologies.

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Ichthus Secondary School offers the Cambridge International A-Level curriculum and international examinations for our grade 11 and 12 students. The A-Level syllabus develops study skills and the ability to think critically, preparing students for the challenge of studying in the best universities in the world. Besides taking our mandatory subjects, Ichthus students also choose a minimum of three elective subjects according to their future academic and career plans.

Compulsory Subjects: Life Skills, Christian Studies, A-Level English and Pre-College English (according to proficiency).

A-Level Elective Subjects: Business Studies, Chemistry, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Economics, Physics, and Psychology.

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