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Meeting the Needs of Industry : Sampoerna University

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According to a report by Asian Development Bank, one in three young Indonesians remain unemployed for 12 months after graduating from university, despite having a tertiary education. Additionally, highly skilled workers account for only about 10 percent of total employment in the archipelago of 250 million people—the lowest ratio of any major Southeast Asian nation—according to the World Economic Forum.

These numbers reflect a mismatch between the skills that Indonesia’s youth possess and the skills that industries require. This makes finding talented professionals the biggest headache for hiring managers. To fill these demanding positions, Indonesian graduates need more skill training. Also of importance are international standard credentials to compete with jobseekers from other countries.


Highly Competitive Graduates

Experts acknowledge Sampoerna University alumni as among the most competitive in Indonesia. Within 3 months of graduation, 94 percent of Sampoerna University alumni found full-time employment. Dr. Marshall Schott, President of Sampoerna Schools System asserts that Sampoerna University has strong ties with industry players and renowned local and international institutions. As a result, the programs and facilities offered at the three faculties of Sampoerna University are closely aligned with industry demands. Sampoerna University’s Faculty of Engineering and Technology houses the best engineering lab in Indonesia. Our labs make it possible for students to go beyond theory and practice what they learn. The Faculty of Business frequently invites industry leaders to share their business insights. For students who are interested in trading, the Investment Gallery provides data from the Indonesia Stock Exchange and other reliable sources. Students in the Faculty of Education will apply their classroom management skills as early as their first semester through School Experience Program. They will also be developing education syllabi and be on track to become educational leaders.


International Credentials

Due to the rigor of the American education system, having a U.S. degree will significantly increase a graduate’s employability. Through a collaboration with Broward College and the University of Arizona, students are able to earn credits and degrees from our partners while studying in Indonesia. Transferable credit is another benefit of this collaboration. Students can earn up to 60 transferable credits to universities in the U.S., Canada and selected universities in the U.K., Australia and Singapore. Since the U.S. education system does not require students to declare their major until their third year, students can have more time to explore their interests through elective classes. This flexibility, coupled with industry-relevant programs mean students of Sampoerna University will have a clear expectation and understanding of their career path even before they graduate.


Emphasis on Future-Proof Skills

In employer surveys, communication skills consistently rank at the top of the list of soft skills hiring managers are looking for. Employers want people who can accurately interpret what others are saying and express their thoughts clearly. The benefits of good communication skills cannot be stated enough. It can distinguish someone from other candidates when it comes to landing a new position or career promotion. Communication skills can also make a difference between a satisfied client and a frustrated one. For those who wish to improve their speaking and listening skills, Public Speaking and Speech is part of the General Education Core at Sampoerna University. Students will also hone their writing skills in Composition classes. With all these qualities, Sampoerna University graduates are gaining reputations in the eyes of employers.

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