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The New e-Visa ?Your Questions Answered!

The New e-Visa ?Your Questions Answered!

Introducing the E-Visa

In response to several countries who have already implemented the Electronic Visa (e-Visa), Indonesia launched its new version in October 2020 to help ease the visa process and to mitigate the further risk of COVID-19 contamination by simplifying the process.

To understand the benefit of the e-Visa, you first need to understand how the previous system worked. For those that have obtained visas to Indonesia before, you will all understand how unnecessarily time consuming the process was, but for those yet to experience the process, it went a little like this:

  1. Apply for visa approval from the Indonesian immigration authorities.
  2. Go to an Indonesian Embassy overseas to collect your visa, wait a few days for the Embassy to process the visa, then finally, you can enter the country.

This process was time-consuming and spurred a variety of extra costs, such as hotels, additional travel, flights, spending money, and additional agent costs to expedite the process.

The new e-Visa means that the visa is processed online and now the applicant simply receives an email with the authorisation to enter the country. Simple, cost-effective and much more bearable for the applicant.

At the time of writing the e-Visa applies to all visa types.

Do I still need to pay Indonesian embassy fees?

Since this system has been implemented, you no longer need to pay fees at the Indonesian Embassy, because by having an electronic visa, you can now travel directly to Indonesia.

However, there are fees that appear in advance while the Sponsor is processing the visa approval for you. US$50 is payable for Visit Visa applications and US$150 is charged on applying for Temporary Stay Visas.

An important note, technically after your Sponsor has made an online application, they will receive a billing statement, whether it is US$50 or US$150, which is valid for seven calendar days only. Once you have settled, the payment is non-refundable. Please note that if you have made any mistakes your application will be rejected and your money will be forfeited – therefore, it is vitally important you ensure every single document is correct. If you are unsure – use an agent.

Do I need a sponsor for the e-Visa?

You need a sponsor for the visa, whether it is a company, spouse or family member.

Is this a permanent change or temporary?

The Indonesian government has commenced the system testing of electronic visa applications and it looks like this new system is still in the experimental stage while looking at further developments.

If I am making an application overseas, how do I pay the Indonesian government official fees?

Currently, there is no online payment method, it needs to be done in person manually. Therefore, an agent, friend, colleague or family member will need to assist you.

What additional documentation do I need to prepare when entering Indonesia with an e-Visa?
  1. Health insurance, travel insurance or statement letter advising responsibility for hospital treatment costs if infected by COVID-19.
  2. Invitation letter for business visas from inviting sponsor.
  3. Willingness statement letter to quarantine.
  4. Negative COVID-19 PCR test result dated within three days.
Can I apply for a visa without using an agent?

Yes, you can. If you have a sponsor, all supporting documentation and a lot of patience.

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