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Planning to Move to Singapore

Planning to move to Singapore from Indonesia? Five steps to start renting in Singapore as a foreigner in 2023.

Living in a new place is exciting and anxiety-inducing at the same time. There is a long list of things that need to be done before settling down and one of the most major things is finding a place to live.

If you are planning to move to Singapore, here are some useful guides for foreigners to rent a property in Singapore, which might help to ease your transition process.

Step One: Find a licensed real estate agent

Check the legitimacy of the Council of Estate Agencies (CEA) Public Register of the real estate agents and salespersons:

  • To ensure the person is a registered agent or salesperson
  • To check the registration validity of the real estate agent or salesperson
  • To check whether the real estate agent or salesperson has been disciplined by the Council within the last two years
  • To find out whether any awards have been conferred on a real estate agent or salesperson by the Council
Step Two: Prepare the necessary

All documents you present should have at least a validity period of 6 months to the application date.

  • Employment pass or S pass
  • Work Permit
  • Dependent pass
  • Passport
  • The budget for Security Deposit, Stamp Duty and one-month Good Faith Deposit
Step Three: Prepare a Letter of Intent (LOI)

LOI is a letter proposing your intention to lease and your requirements to the landlord. Typically, it’s the real estate agent that prepares the LOI. You should have the following in your LOI:

Step Four: Signing of Tenancy Agreement

This agreement will be drafted and prepared for you by your real estate agent. All contents in your Tenancy Agreement will be based on your LOI. Ensure to check every detail mentioned in the Tenancy Agreement.

Table One: Calculation of stamp duty for renting properties. (Source: IRA Singapore)

Step Five: Property Inspection:
  • Before settling in, do an inspection of the property and its furniture. Get the landlord to replace or repair when needed.
  • With the 30-day problem-free clause, you will not be liable for any repair or replacement of the defects within the first 30 days.

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