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New Rp1,000-100,000 Banknotes Launched

New Banknotes
New Rp1,000-100,000 Banknotes Launched.

Bank Indonesia (BI) has officially released new banknotes for the 2022 issue of denominations between Rp1,000-100,000.

BI Governor Perry Warjiyo revealed that his team had released seven new banknotes. The money is legal tender as a means of payment in all parts of Indonesia.

By saying bismillahirrahmanirrahim and hoping for the pleasure of Allah the Almighty, today, 18th August 2022, I and the Finance Minister Sri Mulyani officially launch the seven denominations of the 2022 issue of rupiah notes,” said Warjiyo in a YouTube broadcast on Thursday.

He added that rupiah is a symbol of state sovereignty and a unifying symbol for Indonesia. Mulyani said that rupiah is not just a currency, but also describes the journey of independence from a nation therefore, every rupiah should remind the public of the history of Indonesia.

“On 30th October 1946, the money of the Republic of Indonesia was born and ratified at that time delivered by the vice president Mohammad Hatta,” said Mulyani. “It is proper for rupiah as a legal instrument to be respected and proud of.

Previously, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) set eight national heroes as the main images on Indonesian banknotes in accordance with Presidential Decree number 13 of 2022 concerning the determination of the national hero image as the main image on the front of the Indonesian rupiah banknotes.

The following is a list of the national heroes and the note they appear on:

  • Dr. (H.C) Ir Soekarno and Dr. (H.C) Drs. Mohammad Hatta are the main image of the Rp100,000 banknote.
  • Ir. H. Djuanda Kartawidjaja is the main image for the Rp50,000 banknote.
  • Dr. G.S.S.J Ratulangi is the main image for the Rp20,000 banknote.
  • Frans Kaisiepo is the main image for the Rp10,000 banknote.
  • Dr. K.H Idham Chalid is the main image for the Rp5,000 banknote.
  • Mohammad Hoesni Thamrin is the main image for the Rp2,000 banknote.
  • Tjut Meutia is the main image for the Rp1,000 banknote.

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