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Is a Roojai Asuransi All Risk Worth It?

Asuransi all risk
Is a Roojai Asuransi All Risk Worth It?

Asuransi all risk, or comprehensive car insurance, provides coverage for a wide range of damages and losses that may occur to your vehicle.

It covers for damages caused by collisions, theft, fire, natural disasters, vandalism, and other unforeseen events. There are lots of car insurance companies that offer all-risk car insurance. Roojai is one of those companies that provide the most affordable all-risk insurance. Is Roojai all-risk car insurance worth it? Let us find out.

What is Roojai?

Roojai is an insurance company founded in 2016 in Thailand. It offers the most affordable and innovative online insurance in Southeast Asia. The company was created by a group of experts in the insurance business aimed at creating an insurance company that puts its customer at the forefront of the industry. Because of its dedication and hard work, Roojai worked its way to becoming one of the leading insurers in Thailand and has even made it to Indonesia as the first Thai insurance provider in the country.

Roojai’s mission is to design affordable insurance products that are easy to use and understand, at the same time maintaining the high quality of its insurance products and services. Among its products is the All Risk Car Insurance, providing protection to vehicles, vehicle drivers, and their passengers in case of road accidents, car collisions, theft, natural disasters, and other occurrences.

Kinds of car insurance

There are two kinds of car insurance available in Indonesia:

  1. All Risk or comprehensive car insurance: gives diverse protection based on the insurance benefits applied for by the insured.
  2. Total Loss Only car insurance: provides protection if the damage to the vehicle is 75 percent of its value or in case the vehicle is stolen.

There are some differences between all Risk (comprehensive) and Total Loss Only car insurance. One of them is the coverage of the insurance. All Risk car insurance has a broader insurance coverage compared to the coverage provided by the Total Loss Only car insurance. If you are a Total Loss Only car insurance policyholder, you are entitled to insurance claims if the damage to your vehicle is equivalent to 75% of its value. Minor damages like a dent on your car’s bumper or on any part are not covered by a Total Loss Only car insurance. However, it is covered by an All-Risk car insurance policy. In case of theft, both the Total Loss Only car insurance and the All Risk car insurance covers car theft. When it comes to insurance premiums, all-risk insurance may be a little more expensive than total loss-only insurance. However, it has a broader coverage and can give your vehicle better protection, and that includes the vehicle’s driver and the passengers.

All about All-risk Car Insurance

Unlike other types of car insurance, such as liability or collision coverage, all-risk car insurance covers any damage to your car regardless of who is at fault. In other words, even if you are responsible for the accident, you can still apply for insurance claims, and it will still cover the damages to your car. Does this apply to Roojai’s All-Risk Car Insurance? Read on and find out.

Coverage of Roojai’s All-Risk car insurance in Indonesia

Roojai Indonesia allows its clients to choose their own insurance policy protection benefits. They can design it based on their needs at affordable insurance prices. Roojai’s comprehensive or all-risk insurance gives protection to vehicles in case of loss or damages as a result of car accidents, collisions, fire, and even theft.

Choosing the right car insurance

There are factors to consider when choosing the best insurance for your vehicle. Before getting car insurance, you need to consider factors like the type of vehicle you wish to insure, your driving habits, the kind of coverage you prefer, and your financial capability.

If you own an old-modelled vehicle and you wish to have it insured with cost-effective protection n mind, go for the Total Loss Only insurance. However, if you drive regularly, then you may need more comprehensive protection and coverage for your vehicle, especially if it is new. In this case, choose the All Risk or Comprehensive car insurance. The All Risk or Comprehensive car insurance is available at Roojai so you can check its website for more information.

All Risk Online car insurance benefits options at Roojai

The All Risk car insurance policy of Roojai includes significant protections that may be customized with added benefits depending on your needs. It guarantees the following:

  1. The sum insured is up to 2 billion rupiah
  2. Third-party legal liability for bodily injury and property damage with coverage options worth IDR 0 (not covered), IDR 25 million, IDR 50 million, or IDR 100 million.
  3. Personal accident insurance coverage options worth IDR 0 (not covered), IDR 25 million, IDR 50 million, or IDR 100 million per person.
  4. Protection of losses due to natural disasters, such as floods, storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis.
  5. Protection from losses due to riots and civil disturbances.
  6. Emergency services are available 24/7 if your car encounters problems on the road.
  7. Compensation for transportation money if your vehicle is in the workshop for more than five days.
  8. Soon to be offered is the protection for car accessories. Roojai provides protection options for body kits, window film, rims and tires, audio and visual systems, and dashboard cameras.
In Finality

To answer the question, “Is Roojai’s all-risk car insurance worth it?” The answer is yes. Roojai’s All Risk or Comprehensive car insurance in Indonesia is an insurance plan that covers a wide range of risks connected to owning and driving a vehicle. This insurance plan covers not only the usual risks, such as accidents, theft, and damage caused by natural disasters, but also other risks, such as terrorism, riot, and civil commotion. Roojai’s All-Risk car insurance also offers a variety of benefits. These benefits include 24-hour emergency assistance, repairs, and towing services. In addition, Roojai’s All Risk car insurance offers flexible coverage options which may be customized to suit the different needs and budgets of its clients. This is what makes Roojai a popular choice among car owners in Indonesia and Thailand.

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