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The Indonesso Journey: Crafting Indonesia’s Finest Coffee

The Indonesso Journey: Crafting Indonesia's Finest Coffee
The Indonesso Journey: Crafting Indonesia's Finest Coffee

In the heart of Indonesia, a land famed as one of the top coffee-producing nations in the world, Indonesso Specialty Coffee began its journey in 2018.

Founded by Mr Klaus Kantner, an Austrian entrepreneur, Indonesso was more than just a business venture. It was a passion project, dedicated to bringing the rich, artisanal flavours of Indonesian coffee to the world.

Indonesso’s commitment is to the unique coffee culture of Indonesia. The country’s diverse climates and fertile lands nurture a variety of coffee beans, each with its own special character. Indonesso meticulously selects beans from multiple islands across Indonesia, each known for its distinct flavour profiles, to provide a truly authentic Indonesian speciality coffee experience.

One of Indonesso’s major accomplishments was earning the speciality coffee certification from the Specialty Coffee Association of Indonesia. This achievement was significant, signalling that Indonesso’s coffee met exceptional quality standards. It marked Indonesso as a brand that cares deeply about the quality and taste of its coffee.

In a thoughtful step towards environmental care, Indonesso launched a Free Recycling Program in Bali. This initiative was not just about reducing waste; it was a part of Indonesso’s broader commitment to sustainable and responsible practices. The program also aimed to educate and involve the community in sustainability efforts. The company collects the used capsules and works with its partner, ecoBali Recycling, to complete the sustainable process.

Guided by Mr Kantner, Indonesso has flourished, blending its artisanal passion for coffee with high standards of quality, ethical business practices, and environmental awareness. Indonesso’s story is one of a brand that cherishes the art of coffee making while also being committed to the well-being of the community and the environment.

Klaus Kantner, Founder of Indonesso Specialty Coffee
Klaus Kantner, Founder of Indonesso Specialty Coffee

Interview with Mr Klaus Kantner, Founder of Indonesso Specialty Coffee:

How did you develop the idea to start a coffee business in Indonesia, far from your home country?

“I was born in Vienna and I grew up with this famous and old Viennese coffeehouse culture. Coffee houses in Vienna are not just places to drink coffee; they are places to meet, date, read a book, and socialise. So, my love for coffee developed very early. Indonesia has a great variety of coffee, and there is no day in my life without a few cups of coffee. So, I decided to make my passion my job.

You started a few months before the pandemic. How did you manage to start your business during this time?”

Yes, we had a pretty rough start. We understood very fast that we had to shift our main focus to selling online. For two years, tourists weren’t allowed to enter Bali, but there were still a few thousand expats staying. We started doing social media ads to reach them, and we could build a pretty strong base of private customers during that time, many of whom are still our customers today.

 “How do you ensure the quality of your coffee?

We did a lot of experiments and testing and tried many coffee bean suppliers. We did a lot of cupping with Q graders. We are also a member of SCAI, and the grade of beans that we use is a special grade. That means we use only around the 3 percent best beans of all Indonesian beans.

Can you tell us more about your recycling program?

“One very important reason why people drink Indonesso coffee, besides the high quality of our beans, is our recycling program. From the start, we collaborated with ecoBali, a foreign-owned recycling company in Bali, to build a recycling cycle that really works. We pick up the used capsules from our customers, and ecoBali collects them from our office. Each capsule is opened, the coffee ground is used for its compost, and the aluminium capsules are recycled back into the aluminium industry. Also, for our hotel customers, we always offer them our free recycling program.”

“What are your goals with Indonesso?

Our goal is to become one of the leading Indonesian speciality coffee brands. Also, we want to offer our coffee in more packagings, such as kopi tubruk sachets and more. Now we have Nespresso ® compatible capsules, coffee drip bags, and roasted beans. We also want to create more variety of tea capsules. We started a few months ago with our tea capsules, and people love it. Also, having our Indonesso coffee shop is on the top of the list for next year.

How do you plan to engage with the local community and coffee culture in Indonesia?

Engaging with the local community is essential for us. We plan to involve local coffee growers and artisans in our processes, ensuring that we not only support the local economy but also enrich our products with the authentic touch of Indonesian coffee culture.

Indonesso's Coffee Product
Indonesso’s Coffee Product
As Indonesso grows, how do you envision incorporating innovation into your products and services?”

Innovation is key to staying relevant and appealing in the coffee industry. We are exploring new brewing techniques, flavour infusions, and sustainable packaging options to continually offer something fresh and exciting to our customers, while staying true to our artisanal roots.

As Indonesso Specialty Coffee moves into 2024 and beyond, it stands on the brink of new innovations and developments. Rooted in Indonesia’s rich coffee culture, Indonesso is driven by a passion for quality and sustainability. It’s not just about broadening the product range or entering new markets; it’s about a continued commitment to showcasing Indonesian coffee’s artistry and flavour.

For those intrigued by Indonesso’s story, or those looking to delve into its rich flavours and sustainable practices, various opportunities to connect and learn more are available. Follow Indonesso’s journey on social media, keep up with the latest offerings, or engage directly by scanning the QR code provided. This is more than an invitation to enjoy premium coffee; it’s a chance to be part of the Indonesso community, where every sip combines innovation with tradition.


Indonesso, now partnered with numerous luxury hotels and grocery outlets across Indonesia, invites coffee lovers and eco-conscious consumers to join their evolving journey in the speciality coffee world. With offerings that appeal to both long-time aficionados and newcomers to artisanal coffee, Indonesso promises a memorable experience for all.

  • Address: Jl. Kubu Anyar No.8A T3, Kuta, Kec. Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
  • WhatsApp Contact Number: +6281338614995
  • Website:
  • Instagram: @indonesso


Indonesso's Certification
Indonesso’s Certification
Indonesso Bali

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