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Apply for USDOT number

Before you apply for USDot number, you need to confirm whether you are applicable for it or not. Determining whether you need to register for this number or not, is the primary step to begin the process. Majority of the carrier companies have to apply for the USdot number. However, there are some exemptions too. Thus, we will be helping you, in understanding the procedure, in this piece of article.

Checklist for Carriers who need to file for USDot Number:

You are confused whether you have to file for the USDot application or not, right? Here is a checklist that can help you determine your answer.

  1. Carriers who are indulged in interstate travel have to file for the USdot number.
  2. If your vehicle weighs more than 10,000, then you are applicable for the number.
  3. If your vehicle is responsible for transporting more than 9-15 people, for compensation, then you have to file for the number too. This includes the driver as well.
  4. Likewise, if your vehicle is involved in transporting hazardous material within the state or outside the state, then again you need to file for USdot number.

If you are not dealing with any of the above situations, then you might not be applicable for the USDot number at all. You might only require registration with your local jurisdiction. If you are still doubtful, you can contact the FMCSA for details and determine whether you should apply for it or not.

Providing Important Information

The process of filing for USDot number is not much complicated. It is easy and is done within a little time. However, you must be ready before you sit down to apply for it. Remember, that you will be inquired about some basic yet important information about your business. Your name and address are the tiniest bit of details that will be required. Other than that, here is a list of data that you will need to provide while filing for the USDot number:

  1. Cargo classification
  2. Company operation
  3. Operation classification
  4. Number of vehicles
  5. Types of Vehicles
  6. Possession of vehicles
  7.  Status of the vehicle’s driver

You will be inquired about all of the above-mentioned business data. Thus, it is best to have it all written down beforehand.

Download the USDot Number Form Online

You can easily get the USDot number form or file on the internet. It is accessible on the official website of FMCSA. There are different types of forms available, thus you need to make sure that you are filling the right one. It is best to fill the interactive quiz on FMCSA’s website as it will give you a definite answer to whether you are applicable for the number and if you are, which form would be best for you.

Here are the forms that you might come across:

  • MCS-150: This is the basic USDot number form for all the carrier companies.
  • MCS-150B: This form is the combination of Hazmat and USDot number application.
  • MCS-150C: This is yet another combination form, including Intermodal Equipment Provider and

USDot number application.

Apply through the official website of FMCSA as they will pick the right form for you, on their own.

How much does a USDot Number Cost?

Filing for the USDot number costs you $300, according to FMCSA. It can change with time, thus always go through the costs before filing the application. Apart from applying for the number, the additional costs pile up, depending upon whether you have insured trucks or vehicles or whether you have the BOC3 filing done or not.

Send the form to FMCSA Address:

After you have filled the form and your application is ready, you can either email it to FMCSA or fax it. Whatever option you choose, make sure that you pick the right addresses from the official website. You don’t want to enter the wrong address as it costs you pretty much. Thus, be careful and go through the website in detail before sending out the form.

The USDot number doesn’t take much time to be issued, until and unless it has been rejected.

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