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Top 11 Family Tourism Places in Semarang

Semarang to do
Top 11 Family Tourism Places in Semarang. image source

There are many tourist attractions in Semarang, Central Java, that can be visited during the year-end holidays. Some of them also operate into the evening.

Here are the top family tourism places to visit in Semarang:

1. Bukit Cinta Rawa Pening

If you plan to hunt for interesting, unique, and Instagrammable photo spots, Bukit Cinta Rawa Pening can be an option. As a popular tourist spot, it is often crowded with visitors who want to take pictures or just relax.

In this place, visitors can find a long bridge that is located above a swamp and a large dragon statue which is often a photo location for visitors.

2. Eling Bening

In Eling Bening, tourists can not only enjoy the beautiful natural atmosphere but can also see the beauty of Rawa Pening and Mount Ungaran. The facilities available are quite complete and suitable for a family vacation destination, such as swimming pools, cafes, restaurants, outbound places, and a camping ground.

3. Saloka Theme Park

Saloka Theme Park has many interesting rides for all ages, including educational tours and a number of adrenaline-pumping rides. Some of the rides that you can try are Zoma Kamayayi, Ararya Zone, Segara Prada Zone, Coastal Zone, Wilderness Zone, and others.  This playground is open every day from 10 am to 7 pm.

4. Role-Playing Nature Tourism

Role-Playing Nature Tourism is located in Gintungan Village, Bandungan District, Semarang Regency, Central Java. This place offers a picturesque panorama of Rawa Pening.

Fortune Tour is one of the gates for climbing Mount Ungaran which is at an altitude of 2,050 meters above sea level. Visitors can also camp in tourist areas and enjoy the cool air and beautiful environment.

5. Gedong Songo Temple

The next interesting tourist destination is Gedong Songo Temple at Bandungan District, Semarang Regency, Central Java. The temple, which is located at an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level, is also equipped with a hot spring pool that contains sulfur.

6. Merbabu View and Cafe

Merbabu View and Café can be an option if you want to relax while eating delicious dishes with loved ones. This cafe, with a semi-outdoor theme, allows visitors to see a view of Mount Merbabu and has a unique architecture.

7. Kopeng Gunung Sari Agrotourism

If you are looking for a place to enjoy a natural atmosphere with various types of plants, Agrowisata Kopeng Gunungsari is a good choice.

The concept of this tourist spot combines a flower garden with a viewing tower above the mountains. Its location at an altitude of 3,145 meters above sea level makes the air feel very cold.

8. Ambarawa Railway Museum

The Ambarawa Railway Museum (KA) is a must-visit tourist spot when visiting Semarang because there is a steam train that visitors can take. Apart from the thrill of riding an ancient train, there is a lot of important history of this transportation mode to learn whilst enjoying the beautiful scenery that stretches out during the trip.

9. Celosia Flower Garden Bandungan

Celosia Flower Garden has a collection of various types of flowers that are neatly planted to form a beautiful garden. Activities at this tourist spot are not only about seeing flowers; each park has a different interesting theme, such as Little Italia, Korean Research and Technology, Marine Park, and so on. There’s also a cafe to check out.

10. Dusun Semilir

Dusun Semilir is a tourist spot in Semarang that is based on the concept of an eco-park, with the Borobudur Temple stupa as its icon.  Its location is at Jalan Soekarno Hatta Number 49, Bawen, Semarang Regency.

Not only does it have many photo spots, but Dusun Semilir also has restaurants and inns with natural nuances. The opening hours on weekdays are 8 am-6 pm, while on weekends it is 8 am-7 pm.

11. Cimory on the Valley Semarang

This tourist spot, which has been open since 2020, has a lot of interesting and exciting entertainment. There are a number of educational rides, horseback riding, tours of milking cows, and opportunities for feeding livestock.

On weekdays, Cimory on the Valley Semarang is open from 8 am to 6 pm, while on weekends at 8 am to 8 pm.

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