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Serang Police Foil Bizarre ‘Terror Plot’

Plans for a terror plot were uncovered written on pieces of paper and stuck between the windshield wipers of police cars at the Serang City Police Station in Banten earlier this week.

Kapolres Serang Kota AKBP Komarudin confirmed the findings, saying the folded papers had been found by an officer on Monday, June 26, around 12:00 p.m. and were reported to police.

“Our members found leaflets on the patrol vehicle service that was parked during traffic. This is done by people who are not responsible and of course to create anxiety,” Komarudin said, as reported by Detik.

The papers included drawings of the Islamic State flag, references to the Marawi City siege in the southern Philippines as well plans to kill four to five local police.

Komarudin said the leaflets had been left to create commotion among police during Operation Ramadniya, aimed at securing activities during the Idul Fitri break.

“On this occasion, we confirm that our members were not affected and could still focus on their duties,” he said.

Police are continuing investigations, including studying CCTV footage, while Komarudin assured Serang City residents had no reason to be fearful.

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Image credits: Detik

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