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Dua Tangan Cukup: Pak Alfredo Cleans Liang Beach

Dua Tangan Cukup

Dua Tangan CukupDua Tangan Cukup (Two Hands are Enough) is a movement started by Clean Up Jakarta Day which encourages actions to clean up the environment, small or big, from people from all walks of life around Indonesia, which will in turn inspire change. We want to hear about what you’re doing to clean up your community and make a difference and we will publish your stories here, every issue. This could be a beach cleanup, an underwater cleanup, a recycling initiative you are putting together where you live, educating people how to separate waste or anything related to cleaning up your community. All you need are your hands and a bit of spare time to make a difference.

Clean Up

Alfredo at Liang Beach in AmbonPak Alfredo (left) is a driver who lives in Ambon. He often takes customers to Liang Beach to show off the natural wonders surrounding his home town, but on this occasion, he was appalled to see rubbish destroying the white sandy beach and decided to do something about it. He asked some local friends to get involved and in the end gathered five sacks in the space of one hour, full of plastic cups, candy and food wrappers, straws, and plastic bags off the beach and to an appropriate rubbish tip. He was so moved by this action that he now writes to his local government, demanding strict littering fines for the people of Ambon.

Be the change you want to see. What’s your Dua Tangan Cukup action? Send them to [email protected]

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