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Two American Tourists Lost in Forest, Blames Google Map

Two American Tourists Lost in Forest, Blames Google Map

Two tourists from the US name Roland and Ridge, experienced an unexpected turn of events whilst holidaying in Bali.

Out driving, they got lost in the forest of Selumbung Village in Karangasem before being found by the Search and Rescue (SAR) team later that night.

Head of Denpasar’s Search and Relief Office (Basarnas) Gede Darmada said the two tourists were riding motorbikes from Amed Beach at around 5pm Eastern Indonesia Time (WITA) and were heading towards Pererenan, Mengwi, Badung. They didn’t know the route so they used Google Maps which inadvertently directed them to the Selumbung Village forest area.

“They panicked because they were lost and it was getting dark, then one of the two tourists immediately contacted his friend, Isabella, to ask for help,” explained Gede Darmada.

After getting word from her friends, Isabella immediately contacted Basarnas Bali. Five Karangasem SAR personnel, five Karangasem police personnel, five Manggis police officers, Mudi Taker’s guide, and the local community were all involved in the search, combing the forest through steep hills.

After about an hour of searching, at around 11:30pm WITA, Roland and Ridge were found at coordinates 8 ° 28.14.2’S – 115 ° 31.40’E. When found, the two foreign tourists were in good shape. They only experienced blisters on their hands and low drinking water supplies.

“Luckily, they could still access the internet so they can share their location and it turns out that their position was not too far from the path,” Darmada said.

After being found, the two were evacuated to the Manggis police station to get further treatment.

Source: Tribun News Timur

Image: Bali Express

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