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Travellers Entering Indonesia from 12th January

entering Indonesia

A new circular letter has made significant changes to who can enter Indonesia and the rules for quarantine, effective as of 12th January.

The changes are stated in the COVID-19 Task Force circular letter no.2 year 2022 regarding overseas health protocol during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was signed in Jakarta by the Head of the National Disaster Management Agency as the Chair of the COVID-19 Task Force, National Armed Forces Lt. Gen. Suharyanto. 

Thus, circular no.1 year 2022 concerning overseas travel health protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic is revoked and declared not applicable.

Some of the main changes are that Indonesians are required to quarantine for seven days, the list consisting 15 banned countries has been removed, as well as the tourist entry points are at Bali and the Riau Islands.

Entry Requirements

Foreigners are still temporarily restricted to enter Indonesia, both directly or transiting from foreign countries except for those who:

  • Meet the provisions stated in the Regulation of the Law and Human Rights Human Minister No. 34 of 2021 concerning the Granting of Visas and Permits Immigration during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • According to the bilateral agreement scheme, such as the Travel Corridor Arrangements (TCA); and/or
  • Get special consideration or permission in writing from Ministries or Institutions.
Tourism Purpose

Those who want to enter Indonesia for tourism must follow these conditions:

  • Enter the country through airports in Bali and Riau islands
  • In addition to showing vaccine certificates and negative PCR test results, they must attach a short Visit Visa or other appropriate entry permit applicable to the laws and regulations, proof of health insurance ownership with a minimum value of US$100,000 that includes financing for handling COVID-19, and proof of booking confirmation from the accommodation provider while staying in Indonesia.
Vaccination Requirements

Travellers must show proof of a full course of COVID-19 vaccine through a physical or digital card or certificate written in English as well as in the language of the country of origin.

In the event that the foreigner has not received the vaccine abroad, they will be vaccinated at the quarantine place upon arrival in Indonesia after the second negative PCR test. This applies to foreigners holding diplomatic residence permits and official residence permits, foreigners aged 12-17 years, as well as holders of limited stay permits (KITAS) and permanent residence permits (KITAP).

However, there is an exception for foreigners holding diplomatic visas and service visas related to official or state visits of foreign officials at ministerial level and above, as well as foreigners who enter Indonesia in the Travel Corridor Arrangement scheme.

Foreigners who are already in Indonesia and will travel, both domestically and internationally, are required to be vaccinated. However, foreigners who have not been vaccinated and intend to travel domestically in order to take international flights out of Indonesia are allowed to not show a COVID-19 vaccination card or certificate as long as they do not leave the airport area during transit.

They must be authorised by the local Port Health Office to take a domestic flight with the aim of continuing to an international flight. They must also show their flight ticket departing Indonesia for direct transit from the departure city to the international airport in Indonesia, with the final destination country included.

International travellers under the age of 18 or who have special health conditions or comorbid diseases that prevent them from being vaccinated are required to attach a doctor’s certificate from a government hospital of the country of departure stating that the person concerned cannot take the COVID-19 vaccination.


Travellers must show negative PCR test results taken in the country of origin in which the samples are taken 72 hours before departure time and attached to an eHAC form which is found in the PeduliLindungi app.

Another PCR test will be taken on arrival and the sixth day of quarantine. A negative result means they are allowed to continue the journey and are advised to quarantine independently for 14 days and implement health protocols. 


Foreigners undergoing centralised quarantine must show evidence of confirmation payment for booking accommodation whilst staying in Indonesia. Upon arrival, a PCR retest will be carried out following by undergoing quarantine for seven days

However, if the result returns positive, then the traveller must comply with further quarantine and treatment and pay the full cost themselves. Those who do not have the funds can refer to sponsors, ministries, or institutions that sponsored their arrival.

Foreign diplomats, except the head of foreign representatives and the family of the head of the foreign representative, must undergo independent quarantine. 

Meanwhile, foreigners may attain dispensation in the form of exemption from quarantine obligations provided that they are  implementing a bubble system and strict health protocols, including:

  • Holders of diplomatic visas and service visas
  • Foreign officials at ministerial level and above and their entourage make official or state visits
  • Travellers who enter Indonesia through the Travel scheme Corridor Arrangements
  • Delegations of G20 member countries
  • Honourable and distinguished people 

Every foreign traveller is required to use the PeduliLindungi app as a condition for travelling abroad to enter Indonesia.

SOURCE: COVID-19 Handling Task Force se-ka-satgas-nomor-2-tahun-2022-tentang-protokol-kesehatan-perjalanan-luar-negeri-pada-masa-pandemi-corona-virus-disease-2019-covid-19 (2)

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