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Three Dogs Poisoned, Foreigner Offers Cash Reward

dogs poisoned
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A Russian citizen has put up a poster in the hope of finding the person responsible for poisoning and killing their three dogs.

The foreigner is living in Bali and is trying to find the mastermind behind the death of their three pet dogs. The trio died after eating rice wraps (nasi bungkus) that was placed in front of their house.

To attract people’s attention to encourage participation, the Russian has promised a reward in the form of a large sum of cash. Whoever manages to find the person who intentionally put poisoned rice in front of the foreigner’s house will receive a reward of Rp10 million.

The poster was uploaded by a Facebook user in the Gojek Driver and Customer Complaints (BALI) group. He has invited friends of online motorcycle taxi drivers to take part in the competition.

In the posters that have been distributed, the location of the incident was shown complete with evidence in the form of leftover rice wrapped in paper. A photo of the three dogs belonging to the foreigner was also shown.

A reward of Rp10 million is available for those who provide any information that will help find the person who placed the poisoned rice on Jalan Nakula in front of house 9A,reads the caption on the poster.

The poster also explained the chronology of the events that claimed the lives of their three pet dogs.

“On 25th August between 4 and 5pm local time, unknown people placed an open bag containing poisoned rice at Jl Nakula 9A,” wrote the poster.

It goes on the explain that the actions of irresponsible people not only endanger pets but are also very dangerous for children.

Seeing the poster, netizens have left various comments. Most of them were annoyed by the action of the person who poisoned the dogs.

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