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Those That are Desperate to Go Home to Solo must Quarantine at Vastenburg Fort

Those That are Desperate to Go Home to Solo must Quarantine at Vastenburg Fort

The increase of cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia has pushed the Solo City Government to become more assertive.

For those desperate to go back to their homes in Solo at the end of the year, you must quarantine at Vastenburg Fort.

The Surakarta government has made Vastenburg Fort a quarantine location for people desperate to go home for year-end holidays from 10th December to 10th January 2021. People will be quarantined in tents at the fort for 14 days.

Vastenburg Fort was chosen because the municipal government did not have a large, empty building to be used as a quarantine location.

“Starting on 10th December, we will prepare the floor. We will install tents with a bed, and electricity,” said FX Hadi Rudyatmo.

Rudyatmo hopes that the existence of a quarantine location for travellers during the Christmas and New Year 2021 holidays will change residents’ intentions to go home. “We don’t want the number of COVID-19 cases in Solo to continue to rise, so we need to take a firm stance,” he said.

Previously, Rudyatmo suggested that residents should not go home at all. He also appealed residents in Solo should not travel out of town.

“We also don’t want COVID-19 exposure outside the city of Solo, so we are equally fair. Solo people should not leave the city and don’t go home. We ask that Christmas and New Year be celebrated in their respective cities. The numbers are also high,” as quoted by Detik Travel. 

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