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Ten Passage Roads to be Built in Jakarta Aiming to Reduce Traffic Jams

AI technology in jakarta
Greater Jakarta Provincial Government Uses AI Technology to Solve Congestion

The Highways Agency of DKI Jakarta Provincial Government is planning to build 10 passage roads starting this year to overcome traffic jams.

Construction is targeted for completion in 2024.

The Head of the DKI Jakarta Highways Agency, Hari Nugroho, said that at a number of locations, the construction of the passage roads could be carried out immediately this year. However, some are still waiting for land acquisition.

“There are some areas which need a little land acquisition, while other areas need quite a lot of land acquisition, these will be worked on gradually. It is going to take this year until 2024 to finish the construction,” said Nugroho when contacted on Tuesday, 14th February 2023.

These new roads will later connect one point to another. According to Nugroho, the roads will be an alternative route that can be used by the community in addition to existing routes.

The Highways Agency Office has allocated a budget of around Rp200 billion to work on this programme.

“Some locations which have no way through will have the passage roads in the future. This pass will later become an alternative way to reduce traffic jams,” he said.

The following are 10 sections of the through roads that will be built:

  1. Jalan Tembus Boulevard – Pegangsaan Dua – Kelapa Gading – Terminal Pulogadung
  2. Jalan Tembus Rusun Pulo Gebang – Jalan Sejajar Tol
  3. Jalan Tembus KH Mas Mansyur – Jend. Sudirman
  4. Jalan Tembus Pemuda – Jalan Waru
  5. Jalan Tembus Bekasi Raya – Terminal Pulogebang (access to Jalan Rusun Rawa Bebek)
  6. Jalan Tembus Jalan Sejajar Rel Pasar Minggu (Jalan Seno – Jalan Masjid Al Makmur – Jalan Raya Tanjung Barat)
  7. Jalan Tembus Jalan Raya Bekasi – Jalan Irigasi (Rusun Ujung Menteng)
  8. Jalan Tembus Jalan Bangun Cipta Sarana (Jalan Tembus Rusun Kelapa Gading – Jalan Kelapa Gading Timur)
  9. Jalan Tembus Jalan Air Maya, Kebayoran Lama
  10. Jalan Tembus Tol Cakung Cilincing- Rorotan (Marunda)

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