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Susi Air Plane Crashes in Timika, Papua

Susi Air Crash
Susi Air Plane Crashes in Timika, Papua. Photo screenshot Twitter video.

The National Search and Rescue Agency (Basarnas) has managed to rescue all passengers on the Susi Air flight that crashed in Timika Regency, Papua on Thursday 23rd June 2022. 

Head of Timika Operations, Charles Y. Batlajerry, confirmed that the seven victims were safe, with only minor injuries, and had been rushed to the hospital for treatment.

“All seven victims survived, five people were evacuated using the Indonesian Air Force Caracal Heli to Timika. The other two victims were Duma residents who were in Duma in good condition. Five of the evacuated victims suffered broken bones and injuries,” said Batlajerry.

The plane that crashed was identified as a Pilatus Porter piloted by Dayle Peter Houzet who was carrying six passengers. The six passengers were Luke Dimpau, Warkus Diabelu, Leo Pimpiau, Philip Dimpau, Ficken Dimpau, and Melina Dimpau.

The Susi Air PK-BVM aircraft on the Timika-Duma route crashed at coordinates, 04°02’54.00″S/136°43’06.00″E at around 8am local Timika time. 

The owner of Susi Air, Susi Pujiastuti, via her Twitter account @Susi Pujiastuti, said she is happy that the passengers survived this incident.

“Alhamdulillah. The latest news is that all passengers are safe. Please pray for all the evacuation processes from the location to be smooth and easy,” said Susi.

The cause of the plane crash is not yet known. Currently, the National Search and Rescue team and the National Armed Forces are still carrying out the process of evacuating the plane.

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