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Student Demonstration Rejects Fuel Hikes?

Student Demonstration Rejects Fuel Hikes? photo: Tribunnews

A demonstration by the Executive Board of the Indonesian Islamic Student Movement turned into chaos at the Patung Kuda, Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat, Central Jakarta on Monday 5th September 2022. 

The mass of students managed to break through the barbed wire installed by the police to block the action towards the State Palace. 

According to, the crowd arrived around Patung Kuda at around 3:10pm local time. They immediately charged forward towards the Presidential Palace Complex. 

Open, open, open the wire!”  shouted the crowd.

Interspersed with calls for revolution from the orators, the crowd broke the barbed wire installed by the police. Tensions arose between the masses and the police when the students threw bottles and a number of objects at officers.

The mass was demonstrating against the government’s policy to increase fuel prices. They considered the government’s move to increase fuel prices as not appropriate and thus voiced four demands in today’s demonstration.

First, they firmly reject the policy of increasing subsidised fuel prices. Second, they are urging the government to eradicate the fuel mafia.

Thirdly, they urge the government to immediately implement targeted subsidy policies and finally, they encourage the government to open up community involvement in the distribution of subsidised fuel.

The government officially announced the increase in subsidised fuel prices in the afternoon of Saturday 3rd September. The rises mean the price of Pertalite rose from Rp7,650 per litre to Rp10,000 per litre, subsidised diesel from Rp5,150 per litre to Rp6,800 per litre, and Pertamax from Rp12,500 per litre to Rp14,500 per litre.


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