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Sinar Mas Land is Dedicated to the Future of E-Sport

Sinar Mas Land provides scholarships to professional gamers

In addition to a variety of facilities and infrastructure, Sinar Mas Land supports the development of human resources in their Digital Hub in BSD City.

Sinar Mas Land provides digital technology expertise scholarships to professional gamers from NXL E-Sport Centre, in collaboration with Creative Nest Indonesia. Scholarships from Sinar Mas Land are expected to develop other capabilities of professional e-sport athletes from NXL in order to improve and contribute to other fields besides e-sports.

“The e-sports field currently involves many young people. However, playing games well is not enough. The skills acquired through this scholarship are also sustainable and can be used over a long time, in accordance with scholarship funds for activities outside of e-sports,” said Digital Hub Project Leader from Sinar Mas Land, Irawan Harahap.

Since April 2019, Sinar Mas Land has welcomed the largest e-sport management team in Indonesia, the NXL E-Sport Centre in BSD City. Sinar Mas Land supports professional e-sport athletes from NXL with other digital expertise so they can continue to work and contribute in this field through non-vocational education programmes at Creative Nest Indonesia with topics like YouTube content creation and digital marketing, where 10 pro NXL players have received this scholarship.

The first programme is titled ‘All about YouTube Content Creation’, where gamers will go through the process of creating content to find a unique trait that they can claim as their trademark. This is important so that their content can attract the attention of viewers on YouTube.

The second programme is a ‘Digital Marketing’ class. Professional NXL players are approved based on the way they use their marketing tools such as using social media. By joining this class, they can use social media to renew their networks, and get sponsors from the appropriate brands.

Creative Nest Indonesia is a forum that has a vision to equip creative people to produce quality work, in accordance with the motto of Creative Nest, which is #BerkaryaBerkualitas. Located at The Breeze BSD City, Sarang Kreatif or Creative Nest Indonesia, is there to help provide a variety of training and job opportunities, as well as a forum to open opportunities for future collaborations amongst creative people.

Besides these two classes, Creative Nest Indonesia also has other classes with a digital creative focus such as animation, virtual reality, augmented reality, graphic design, game design, coding, and motion graphics. Moreover, Creative Nest Indonesia also organises workshops and events with renowned speakers and experts in their fields.

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