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Reviewed Process Before Bali Reopens to Foreign Tourists

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The Government of Bali plans to welcome foreign tourists on September 11, 2020 if the following conditions are reviewed accordingly:

  1. Decree of the Indonesian government

Putu Astawa, the Head of the Bali Provincial Tourism Office, has confirmed that the consideration to revoke the temporary prohibition of foreigners entering the Republic of Indonesia must be revised before foreigners are allowed into Bali.

“It is determined by central policy. If Indonesia has not opened, then Bali, at a state level, cannot open.” he said.

  1. Restrictions within foreign countries

Another thing to be considered is which countries have or will open their borders.

“If other countries shut down their citizens from travelling, our policies are useless as there will be no tourists. We have to make adjustments,” noted Putu.

The main requirement for foreign tourists to travel to Bali will be that they test negative for COVID-19. “We don’t want new cases coming into Bali. That is what we are trying to avoid.”

  1. Health protocols in Bali

Bali’s readiness is a further thing to be reviewed when welcoming foreign tourists.

These considerations are important in restoring Bali’s tourism industry. Decisions in this area are predominantly in the hands of the Governor of Bali, Wayan Koster.

According to a statement issued by Bali Governor I Wayan Koster on 22nd August, the start of tourism activities for foreign visitors will be determined based on an assessment of the development of the situation at home and abroad.

In principle, the Indonesian government strongly supports the plan of the Bali Provincial Government to restore tourism by opening the door to foreign tourists visiting Bali. However, it requires caution, must not be rushed, and requires very careful preparation.

This is due to Bali’s position as one of the world’s main tourist destinations, which is highly dependent on and has an impact on, the trust of the international community in Indonesia, including Bali. Therefore, Bali must not fail because it will have a negative impact on the image of Indonesia, including Bali in the eyes of the world.

The Provincial Government of Bali will instead optimise efforts to bring domestic tourists to Bali in order to restore tourism and the economy of Bali until the end of 2020.

Source: Kompas

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