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Melati, Do you remember when you were 12 years old?


In 2013, when Melati Wijsen was 12 years old, she started Bye Bye Plastic Bags; an NGO with the goal of making Bali plastic-bag free.

Through the years of activism, in government meetings, TED stages, awards after awards, Melati’s biggest audience was amongst youth.

Melati spent more time in other students’ classrooms than in her own, sharing the story about change, sustainability and youth empowerment. No matter where she went, there was always one question:

“How can I do what you do?”

After the ban on single-use plastic bags in Bali, answering this question became Melati’s next mission. The idea of YOUTHTOPIA was born.

YOUTHTOPIA is the go-to platform to learn how to become a young changemaker.

The mission at YOUTHTOPIA is to provide space that brings young people together, ignites their passions and grows their skills to become active changemakers. After nearly 10 years on the frontlines, starting her change-making journey at the age of 12 years old, Melati has learned a lot. Her first NGO, Bye Bye Plastic Bags, has 60 global teams and played a big role in implementing the ban on single-use plastic bags in Bali alongside other organisations.

As a young changemaker herself, Melati has seen the power of her generation to accelerate change. She has been on the frontlines and seen what is possible!

The online learning platform of YOUTHTOPIA hosts a diverse set of programmes from masterclasses, workshops, mentorships, and more. All programs are created by young changemakers part of YOUTHTOPIA’s Circle of Youth network, nearly 200 changemakers from 40 countries with the aim of bringing frontline knowledge onto the screens of thousands of youth globally. What will you learn? Noting that is in a traditional or normal curriculum of a school.

YOUTHTOPIA does not offer any topics like literate or mathematics. YOUTHTOPIA offers skills that accelerate and activate youth to become a changemaker. Skills like critical thinking, asking the difficult questions and all you want to know about the sustainability goals, leadership, how to start your own NGO, how to create your own campaign, budgeting, confidence in public speaking and much more. YOUTHTOPIA programs are perfect for any middle and high school student.

Aside from the learning platform that is already live on the website – YOUTHTOPIA also offers tailor-made reverse mentoring programs for the corporate world.



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